What is your opinion on the future of our media?

Who says spring, it is time for renewal… At the dawn of our 20 years, we want to develop the media and make you participate in the dynamic Via a survey. This opportunity is to give you the floor, because ultimately, to better meet your expectations … we need to know them!

Which sections do you like? What are your favorite reading moments? Do you know our podcasts? Who are you ? These are some of the questions that we ask ourselves about you and which we have grouped together a questionnaire. As you will see, there is also a little more secret section at the end of the questionnaire that is waiting for you…

I take part in the survey!

Next July, Futura will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and it seemed important to us to engage our readers in a participatory process so that we could define it Future of 2021 even more. As you know, since its creation in 2001, Futura has established itself as an independent medium for understanding scientific news and knowledge. Science professionals and enlightened amateurs, knowledge is our common good, accuracy of scientific process, our compass!

Over 20 years, our media has evolved a lot, through different editions, new formats, growing teams, always demanding more customization and agility to be able to continue this race to understand and popularize science !

Today, we want to continue exploring the world with you for many years to come, and so we need your advice!

It will only take you a few minutes and will help us a lot in getting the maximum benefit from you in the future. We are counting on you to answer them!

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This poll is just writing the first lines of a new chapter with you. So thank you for your loyalty and It’s your turn to speak !

Our future, your expectations

Also note that this survey is part of the context of change and global development of our media and its models.

For those of you who have not yet read our new Futura Community Place on Patreon, here are a few lines to introduce you to this initiative.

For some time now we have wanted to find alternative and compensatory solutions for the presence of advertisements on Futura for our readers, although it is still a major source of income today.

We have questioned ourselves internally for a long time about a model that can satisfy everyone. We wanted to keep Futura and its information “free” as an independent medium, providing solutions for our readers. So these reflections gave rise to a new space for community support: Patrian.

This location allows our readers to support our media Via Monthly membership, without commitment. In return, we are committed to specific benefits.

we wrote An article Which explains our approach and our objectives for these membership systems in more detail.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to visit us Page patreon Which details current subscriptions.

I am Patreon. But i support futura

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