What Is This Spanish Reality TV With Najwa Nimri (Alicia From La Casa de Papel)

Reality TV lovers, you’ll probably be tempted by Insiders, the new show available on Netflix this Thursday, October 21. It must be said that this Spanish-origin show has something to surprise with its innovative landscape. In all, twelve participants tried the experiment without really knowing what they were doing on their feet. Indeed, the latter was originally supposed to be a casting’s privileged finalist. However, cameras were already in place and the candidates were filmed 24 hours a day without their knowledge.

The participants were then able to discover fascinating scenes from reality TV in the famous “Cinema Room”. The show’s strong point: the mistress of the game, who is none other than actress Najwa Nimri, who leads the game and has fun with the candidates. A personality that is well known to Munch’s clients as she plays Alicia Sierra in the successful series La Casa de Papel. At the end of the day, up to 100,000 Euros could be won by the big winner, but the least we can say is that this money won’t be received without a good dose of “plays” and regulations. accounts.

In any case, it is a reality TV show that stands out from the others, especially The Circle Game, which is available in the United Kingdom, the United States, France and even Brazil … a reminder As in, the show was unveiled in 2020. Netflix. However, the American version already has three seasons, the last of which has been kept (…)

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