What is this cubic structure drawn on the far side of the Moon?

Chinese Rover Yutu-2 landed on the hidden side of Moon In January 2019. Since then he has traveled continuously no regrets Lunar section of von Karmann crater. and in his journey he has already drawn attention to a kind of , Jail shiny” which a. Nothing but molten rock came out as a result of the impact ofMeteorite,

This time Yutu-2 saw an object whose shape is strange. A cube still visible on the northern horizon, about 80 meters from the machine, ingiant crater Von Karman.

Curious, the scientists opted to direct the rover towards this strange object. It will approach for the next two to three lunar days – about two or three Earth months. While being careful to avoid the many potholes in your way. and always rely on energy Solar energy progress. hoping to make allLight On the nature of this cubic object. probably quite simply a huge rock, which was also excavated by meteorite impact,

Quite simple, but interesting nonetheless. because this cube can mark recent influence and thus allowsastronomers To study the composition of the Moon more closely.

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