What is the unforgettable singer of Alive to Be Alive?

Patrick Hernández is a hit man, celebrating his 72nd birthday on 6 April 2021. And even though the years have passed, the author of Born to Be Alive has forgotten nothing about this great adventure. His hit has not really lost any of its effectiveness, more than forty years after its release, and people continue to dance in the evening. Small reminders, they are prohibited, require a health crisis.

After some experience in various groups, Patrick Hernández recorded an album of fourteen songs, including the first version of Born to Be Alive with the group Paris Palace Hotel in the 1970s. But the album did not come out, and the group disbanded. After a brief episode in Perigord where he began breeding, the singer was recalled by a Belgian producer. Together, they remix the famous track, which was released in Italy in 1978 and then the following year in France. Born in Bern Alive ranked first on the French chart and lived there for four months. It is also a major success in the United Kingdom and the United States, where the song becomes a gold record. Over 25 million records are sold worldwide. After becoming a polyandry in just a few months, Patrick Hernández, however, must face the failure of his following titles. Despite an album released in 2014, Changing the World with Love, he quickly fell into oblivion.

Thanks to this tube, which earns him between 800 and 1500 Euros per day, Patrick Hernández remains relaxed even today, even though not everything is going into his pocket. (…)

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