What is the future for Indre-et-Loire students?

This is a program that was made popular in France by the film “l’Auberge Espagnole”! Erasmus, this university exchange program that has allowed European students to spend a few months abroad for more than 30 years, will no longer be possible for Brexit from the start of the 2021 school year in the United Kingdom.

Every year, however, 10,000 French people cross the channel to do part of their studies. Currently, for example, these are There are 64 students of Tourism University in the UK As part of this program.

What will the future hold for all those who want to spend a year in the channel, or at least experience English speaking abroad? There are still a lot of uncertainties.

Risk one: that the less fortunate can no longer go to the United Kingdom

Chloe considers herself lucky. This Turangel is spending her third year of history degree at York, in central England. Going under Erasmus gave him Not allowed to pay registration fees on site and to be specially benefited by a scholarship of more than 1000 Euros for their semester. Without it, she could never leave. “No, definitely not! I can take another cheaper country, but in the UK, no, looking at the rent prices! I have a choice of canteen, plus my accommodation, I would have paid over 800 Euros. Per month and I have to share the bathroom and kitchen with ten tenants ”.

And there is the risk that Erasmus is no longer able to move across the channel, so that only the most highly facilitated students in the United Kingdom can study. Caitlin Medelaine regrets it, but vice president of the University of Tours in charge of international relations Also wants to relay. “We have many other fantastic agreements with other partners within Erasmus, so students can continue to move to places other than the UK.”

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Agreements will be negotiated with each English university

To make up for the loss of the Erasmus agreements in the United Kingdom, she is leaving anyway Spend the next few months interacting directly with each English university so that we can still send students there, No scholarship anyway.

“We have to end new agreements, non-Erasmus agreements, this is exactly the kind of agreement that we have with other universities in the United States, Canada, China. But we do not yet know under what conditions. . _The fear may be that some English universities will ease the circumstances_, For example, by asking our students to pay registration fees, which are obviously more expensive than ours when they come to study there. ”

“second plank” She says _ “she isThey will no longer benefit from the Erasmus grantStudents will be able to leave, but will have fewer scholarships to leave. “C_olombine Madelaine will try to make agreements with other English-speaking countries so that the taunts stick to the students’ desire to improve their English.

Britain has so far been the second favorite destination for the French under Erasmus. Nordic country is also very popular with the students of Tours, Such as Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, as well as Italy.

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