What is the concept of this new show presented by Jerry?

Camille Lorgnier

Airing on France 2 from June 11, 2022, Big Show is Jerry’s new playground. Concept, delivery, guests, here’s everything you need to know about this new entertainer!

After many years of entertaining the masses on TF1, it was on public service that Jari found his new playground. Addicted to family and interactive programs in prime time such as mask singer, game of talent Again good singerAngevin’s Comedian Leaves Channel One and Finds Himself a New Challenge big show, We explain everything about this unique concept that has already been proven with our British neighbors.

Where does Le Big Show come from?

It was in the United Kingdom, on BBC One, that the concept was born under the name Michael McIntyre’s Big ShowIt is named after its English presenter who, like Zari, is also a comedian.

The English channel aired this program between 2015 and 2019 and Every show garnered millions of viewersAn audience who enjoyed the various humorous and moving scenes of the show.

France Television, after acquiring the rights, thus adapted the concept for the French public Hoping for this success.

Concept of Big Show, “the most freak show in public service”

According to Jerry, Big Show, a concept designed specifically for him, is “the craziest show in public service”. A real playground for the French comedian who worked on TF1 until then, big show Intended to be funny, dynamic and full of twists and turns.

The public present during filming is an integral part of the show as some members are trapped by their loved ones and find themselves sharing the front of the stage. A friendly moment with one of the invited celebrities for the occasion. In the program: events, hidden cameras, karaoke, sports, gifts, everything is good to surprise the audience.

The latter were also able to participate in the filming of the event that took place in Paris at the Marigne Theater. Zari’s teammates collaborated with the production teams and did everything to trap their loved ones during this evening full of surprises.

The host walks around the room looking for personalities, stories and Its Next Victims Who Have a Nice Surprise in Store in Production, All this while remaining benevolent and above all amusing, even if at times a shake-up. Its goal? Entertain the gallery and keep the public at the center of this new entertainment that viewers can enjoy during prime time.

For the first broadcast, it was Amir, Julie Zenatti and Letitia Milot who lent themselves to the game on France 2 and took part in a concoction for the public, most of whom thought they were taking part in an entertainment shoot. , but were far from doubting what Zari had prepared for them with the connivance of their loved ones.

big show air date

France 2 inaugurated its new program straight from the United Kingdom. Saturday 11 June 2022 at 9:10 pm., The public service has accustomed its audience to providing family entertainment in the evenings.

For many years, it was Patrick Sebastian and his biggest cabaret in the world that entertained the public before giving way. Fort Boyard heat or visibleLed by Jean-Marc Genreux.

Fort Boyard is handling this weekly prime-time slot for the summer, with France 2 yet to give new broadcast dates for big show,

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