What is the best VPN for peer-to-peer?

Using a VPN protects you in two ways. This not only prevents a public body (such as HADOPI) from identifying and recognizing you, but it also prevents your computer from being hacked. In fact, when you download a file with peer-to-peer software, your IP address is visible to all users in the network. Without a VPN, a hacker can break through a communication port open to P2P (or any other) in your machine and read or destroy your files. With a VPN, the hacker only accesses the IP of the VPN server. Therefore it does not underestimate your geographical location and even your identity.

A VPN allows you to access torrent sites that will be blocked or restricted in some countries since you choose the location of your choice. In addition, VPN extensions for browsers or apps on your mobile or TV devices (FireStick TV, SmartTV, etc.) do not secure your peer-to-peer download to the computer. Setting up a VPN directly on a VPN client (Windows, MacOS, Linux …) or a router (for advanced users) is therefore recommended. Don’t forget to activate the kill switch in your VPN settings. This function immediately halts data transfer until a VPN connection is established, thus hiding your IP address. For more experienced users, the split tunnel is interesting. This allows you to select applications that can bypass VPNs or pass through VPNs. You can thus select your torrent / mule client so that it should go through a VPN (and therefore be protected / anonymous) and leave other software (browser, email, music or video platforms, etc.) without protection. , But at the same time maximum speed (better to run everything via your VPN). It is up to you what your goal is.

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Even though some VPNs protect against spam, trackers, and malware (such as clickjacking), often found on P2P portals (which can be activated in settings), they are useless against viruses and other Trojans. To do this, always use (updated) antivirus and possibly firewall. It goes without saying that one should not be wary of all downloaded executables and compressed archives (.EXE .ZIP on Windows,. MacG on macOS). Launching them can potentially infect your computer. Scan your antivirus on these files. Another common sense rule: There is no reason to download an executable file when downloading a video…

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