What is “mawing”, the technique that transforms the face without surgery?

Born in 1928, John Meow has been interested for years in the causes of maltreatment, which, according to his findings, will be the result of the evolution of our lifestyles, not genetics. It’s more specifically to our taste soft and cooked food who will be responsible for this less sculpted and less toned jaw, gradually changing the shape of the face and giving rise to many inconveniences. The whole thing, in the beginning, would be associated with poor tongue positioning. The technique, developed by the orthodontist in response to this phenomenon, aimed to strengthen the functions of chewing and swallowing to strengthen the jaw and realign the key areas of the face.

But on TikTok, it is at . Is aesthetic purposes that users have revived this method.

It’s all about getting a square jaw, getting rid of her double chin, making her face look more harmonious.

And this is without relying on people who see “mowing” as a anti aging remedies, At this point, we are still exploring why… but it must be said that the “before/after” publications posted by TikTokers are quite spectacular, showing real results in just a few months.

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