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It was from July 20 that Great Britain There was not such a high number of infections. yesterday 15th october, they were there the other day 45,000 new coronavirus positive: 44,932 cases and 145 deaths, to be exact. a dangerous growth that experts explain with two hypotheses: the primary reason This may happen return of students In school attendance (also considering the fact that most cases of contagion affect school-age children). Second, he reports Corriere della Sera, This may happen A considerable number of molecular tests they provided False negative result.

The mistake was reportedly made at a clinic in Wolverhampton, 21 kilometers from Birmingham. wrong test included 43 thousand people And they are related to the answers given between 8th September to 12th October. An investigation into the matter was initiated and the activity of the laboratory concerned was suspended. UK Public Health’s “Test and Trace” program is trying to track affected individuals to repeat tests and may also ask their close contacts to be tested.

The British government was immediately overwhelmed by an avalanche of criticism. according to labor Jonathan AshworthThe executive, the shadow minister for health, has awarded a private firm, which did not exist before May 2020, “a lucrative £120 million contract” to run the laboratory.

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