What is #GentleMinions that is wreaking havoc in some theaters?

Multiple screenings of the film Minion 2: Once Upon a Time Gru were interrupted in Britain. Inspired by the #gentleminions movement, popularized Tik Tok, group of teenagers went to the cinema Felonius disguised as Gru, the main hero of the saga of minions,

The animated film, released on Friday in the United Kingdom and postponed by two years due to the health crisis, has been picked up by audiences.Wear a suit and tie and emulate Felonius Gru’s symbolic gestures, The furore caused by #gentleminions has forced many British cinemas to ban entry of these teens disguised.

“Due to a small number of incidents at our cinemas over the weekend, we had to restrict access under certain circumstances,” said a spokesperson for the Odeon cinema chain. On the island of Guernsey, broadcast of the feature film was stopped at the only cinema in the Anglo-Norman archipelago.

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Several teenagers apparently filmed and posted these scenes on social networks, Many videos collect millions of views, Cinema manager Daniel Phillips-Smith told the BBC that several teenagers “thrown objects, swore” and had several arguments during the sessions.

For its part, Universal, the makers of the film, split a tweet to salute the enthusiasm of these young viewers. Film debuted in 2010 me, ugly and mean, the saga has become a real popular success with young audiences. And this last part is no exception to the rule.

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