What if we take pleasure in replacing our habits for the planet with good habits?

In our daily life, in business, in our free time. More and more, we hear that we must be environmentally responsible, Working only with respect to the environment. Limit our ecological footprint at all times. a noble attitude. But what are we doing with all this? This question has been raised byapplication good habits The beta version of which is currently being tested on the EDF Pulse&U platform.

I test the Good Habits application in preview

In a hundred years, there will be no more fish in the oceans. By 2100, the islands of the Pacific Ocean could be swallowed up by sea ​​level rise, On the same horizon, hundreds of millions of climate refugees are expected to arrive. These are some of the declared results of our activities on our planet and on our societies. “Of course, we must act now. But the problem is that we always refer to influences that are far from our daily lives, both in time and space, and which struggle to organize us. And right now, we must reintegrate eco-responsibility to our lives. »Sorry Cassandre Milius.

From codes to crowdfunding campaigns, when it comes to good habitsThe girl did everything herself. Today, she is working for the development of her community. and, with respect to the EDF Pulse&U platform, in particular, to improve its application. “After meeting people, I realized that everyone has their own drivers for change. Some people do this to maintain their health, others to lighten their spirits, or to save money at the end of the month. ,Cassandre Milius comments.

Breaking the code of eco-responsibility

So many eco-responsible approaches will find their sources in a very personal problem. A desire – or a need – to save money. Desire to feel better about your body. or in his head. And it is with this idea that the young woman took on the challenge of breaking the code of eco-responsibility with her application.


Show us what these habits can bring us in the here and now

” with good habitsFor example, you will find that there are many reasons to choose to use washable cotton. Because it’s cheap. Because it is better for the skin. Or because it’s good for the planet. And I hope everyone can find their inspiration in this., says Cassandre Milius. Thus the girl who doesn’t define herself as “an environmental activist”intends to move things forward.

“With people who want to change them without feeling guilty, taking into account their desires and their rhythm. By shedding light on what these new habits can bring them in the here and now. » behind good habits, hence the desire to actually work for personal fulfillment. And to show that what is good for us can also be good for the planet. A real difference with other solutions that make the protection of the environment their number one priority.

Another lever on which Cassandre Milius relies heavily: that of altruism. A benevolence, however, without complacency. Therefore “Eco-responsibility is a hassle sometimes. It is a path made by trial and error where we move forward through experience and above all by helping each other. Not all ideas are worth taking. and on good habitsWe also have the right to share experiences we missed with an eco-responsible detergent recipe, but… that doesn’t clean, for example.

To continue on this path, the young woman is already full of new ideas. While waiting for those that Pulsar – and you, probably – will want to fly at it EDF Pulse & You Platform,

Themes produced in partnership with EDF teams

what you should remember

  • On the stage EDF Pulse & YouA co-idea campaign is offering to test for a few days good habitsAn application for motivating and sharing eco-responsible gestures.
  • Eco-responsive gestures aim to do you good above all.
  • If you like this idea, don’t hesitate share your experience With Cassandre Milius, creator of Pulsars and Applications.
  • The key to the most active pulsar, the well-being gift that will allow you to reconnect with nature.

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