What if the 2021 6 Nations tournament does not happen?

The global health crisis has intensified recently with a new mutation of Kovid found in the south-east of England and South Africa. The French government has decided to close the borders with the United Kingdom to prevent the spread of mutation, which is much more contagious than usual. But the European Cup and the tournament 621 of the next 6 countries should be held.

French Rugby Federation President Bernard Laporte, guest of RMC Sport’s Grand Gules, spoke on the subject and feared the cancellation of the next tournament which should be held from February: If they close the boundaries for two months, we will not be able to play the Six Nations tournament. “. Closing the boundaries could negate France’s chances of participating in the tournament for XV, and according to Laporte the damage would be insurable: “The world of sports will not be able to last another year. This is not possible. And not only in France but all over the world. Clubs will collapse! This is not possible. There is no recipe”. According to him, the state is already doing a lot and despite compensation of 1.5 million, the loss will increase to 27 million euros net for FFR. A drop of water for the game which is “Like culture”.

“We’re Me *** E”, Bernard LaPorte calls for amateur rugby return

Bernard LaPorte strongly feared the collapse of the sports world, “Will be bankrupt for restaurants, but also in sports world”. We know that tickets and partners represent 80% of the revenue of French rugby clubs and the only hope will remain a partial gauge: There can be a difference between an open space in a stadium and a closed space like a hall. If I were told that we keep 1 person for every 4 seats in a stadium and 1 person for every 8 seats in a closed room, it would seem logical to me “.

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