What has happened to the candidate since participating in Secret Story 4?

More than ten years after Secret Story 4 aired, Benot Dubois revealed the news of his former partner, Thomas Vitiello, during an interview with Jourdan de Lux.

TF1 Launched in the fourth season of 2010 secret Story, Opportunity for the audience to get to know new candidates who are ready to do anything to hide their secret. Among them, encourage Julie Ricci, Cena Hananhau, Amelie Netten, or Benot Dubois and Thomas Vitillo. These last two quickly got along very well and were quick to make famous couple, named themselves Brigitte and Joseon. They took pleasure in commenting without sarcasm on the actions of their roommates, sometimes offering hilarious scenes.

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Almost twelve years after their meeting, Benoit Dubois and Thomas Vitiello have not broken up and are still in touch. It was revealed by the one who got the role in it secrets of love during an interview for in Jordan,

A new life in the UK

Benoit Dubois took the opportunity to report the news of his former sidekick, who turned his back on reality TV completely:

He lives in London. I saw him again between two prisons, he came downstairs to see his mother, so I took the opportunity to have lunch with him.

He told Jourdan de Lux. And to add that Thomas Vitiello has completely changed his look:

He is doing very well, he has a very good position as a make-up artist. He has changed physically, he has short hair. him, he did secret Story, he was 17 years old. So now he’s not too young. Well, he’s not that old. But we know it very well.

It is true that the always very flirtatious young man had a habit of always looking very well-dressed and did not skimp on make-up.

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had to start a new life somewhere else being saved For Thomas Vitiello, who later lived badly secret Story ,

He needed to rebuild himself. At 17, it’s a big slap. He himself said, it could have ended badly, he was completely lost. I had shaped him, the public had shaped him as “La Joseon.” He has no regrets at all, he had to experience.

Benoit Dubois explained. and continue:

He left when things were going bad, I saw him less. (…) Me, I remained in the air and she decided to stop to do her makeup.

Brigitte and Joseon back on stage?

In 2012, two former candidates took to the stage for the first time with their show, Brigitte and Joseon put out their comic, An experience that Benoit Dubois would like to repeat but “for now”, He Comes Against Thomas Vitiello’s Denial, The latter, which collaborates with reputed brands, such as dior, and is thriving as a drag queen artist, prioritizing her new life in the UK.

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