What France’s XV is required to wear against Argentina

It was a dress rehearsal. A mid-term test for France coach Fabian Galthy, less than two years before the opening match of the 2023 World Cup. This was also after a long period, when the public could not appreciate the spectacle from afar, reuniting with the enthusiasm of Dionysian Stadium.

But this was no picnic. Facing a brave Argentine nation, the French team won (29–20), at the Stade de France on Saturday 6 November, suffering during the first period before being offered a more exciting second act. Against the aggressive Puma in defense and full rebuilding (victims of the disappearance of Super Rugby and the forced relegation of all players of the selection), France’s XV aligned like a typical team after the end of the Six Nations tournament. An Australian summer tour without most officials then from the pandemic. an early fifteen that lacked automatism, while freshness was brought on by “Blue Finishers” Won in the second round.

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Before the match, Fabien Galthié welcomed“simulate” Anything else? “compatibility” of his group. After this first fall match, he may be satisfied with some of his strong choices, such as the tenures of Anthony Zelloch and Cameron Vokey. and especially effective against Melvin Jaminate, man of the match and positions (author of Nineteen Points: Five Penalties, Two Conversions).

Romain Nutmac and Matthew Jalibert, lined up for the first time, had a complicated evening. Following this narrow victory, the French team can prepare for a welcome to Georgia, Sunday, November 14, before going side-by-side with the All Blacks for the end of the tour next Saturday.

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pumaso’s claw

For his first selection for the France team, Thibaud Flamant made an attempt during a match between Blues and Puma at the Stade de France on November 6, 2021.

On the lawn of the Stade de France, the first period was hung. The French offensive was quickly contained by a very aggressive Argentine defence. It is the striker, Melvin Jaminate, who will be carrying the French team on his shoulders. The back of the perpignon undergoes two penalties (3.)And and 19And min) to benefit the blues.

In contrast, pumas don’t let go. Pablo Matera throws himself to the ball, on a counter kick from Matthew Jalibert. Tomas Cubelli comes in for support and levels the first attempt at the meeting (22.)And) Emiliano Boffelli’s transformation allows the Argentines to pass through the front. Abused, the Blues get lost and fall into Puma’s trap: Julian Marchand receives a yellow card for a bad gesture like Marcos Kramer, who is quite upset after being prosecuted by Toulouse Stade Hooker.

The rest of the first period will not go down in history. Melvin Jaminate scored the penalty from 50 yards (35.)And) The Blues are in the lead at half-time (9-7), but have not managed to establish their game.

Tense end to match, Nila Rivaz

Melvin Jaminate was named man of the match on November 6, 2021 at the Stade de France for his nineteen points (five penalties, two conversions).

Back from the locker room, the Blues show a more victorious face, despite a penalty scored by Boffelli by 48.And Minute. Two minutes later, Thibaud Flamant honored his first cap in the French team. Early in the recovery from Damien Penaud, Cameron Vokey hits the defence. He hands it to Matthew Jalibert, who finds Flamant, who is walking past the line. An effort converted by Jaminate, and the Blues took a 16 to 10 lead.

The rest of the match was an exchange between the scorers: Boffelli reduced the score at the hour mark, before the Perpignon striker gave him an answer five minutes later (19–13). With fatigue, Argentina’s defense is less and less pressured. The Blues take advantage of this. On an interval from Matthew Jalibert, Peto Mouwaca comes to the middle and goes into the in-goal (71).And,

Jaminate, impeccable, takes care of the changes to widen the gap at the end. But, it is well known, XV of France likes to be scared. Mateo Carreras grabs an air ball and escapes for a try – converted by Nicolas Sánchez – which leaves Puma three minutes into play from the end of the match (26-20). Despite this heat stroke, the Blues manage to finish with a final penalty from Jaminate on Gong (29-20).

The Argentine team – and eleven of its twenty-three players playing in the French championship – could not contain the negative spiral it has been mired in since the start of the pandemic and suffered a seventh loss. Conversely, the rather rough blues may be satisfied with this win and are starting an autumn tour with a busy schedule. The neophyte Thibaud Flamant’s first international test, only his fourth pro test, and Pieto Mouwaca allowed France’s XV to puma for the fourth time in a row, winding and sometimes painstaking.

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