What does Tsitsipas do during his very long toilet visits?

Stefanos Tsitsipas is a tennis player whose name sounds like a puddle. I would never have thought about it if the best man himself didn’t always go to the toilet during his matches. Remarkably enough, he doesn’t do this at random moments, as you would expect from natural urgency. Only if he finds himself in a tough competition situation, does he request a bathroom break.

Tsitsipas then disappears in the deluge, taking longer than it normally would for a 23-year-old to discharge the short message. For a very long time, even. Last week he urinated for seven minutes during his match against Adrian Mannarino at the US Open, and was also away for eight minutes when he played against Andy Murray. He won both matches – incidentally managed to recover on the toilet.

Now I understand very well that a nervous urination can be very disturbing. I myself was suffering from it. And I know cyclists who suffer even more. Then we would sit on the side of the road with a group during the race, and then run back to the pack. We were champions of pee fast, because a peloton doesn’t wait. So while I understand very well the dire need, I can’t imagine anything with seven or eight minutes of urination.

big message request

Of course, the big message can also get in the way. And yes, number two can take longer. But when you’re playing the game, different laws apply. Cyclists never really have to defecate during a race, except for a few, and by that I mean Tom Dumoulin. Now I know all too well the urgency of a message bigger than running. Runners will recognize it: Once you feel it, there’s no getting away from it. Such a big message is often sent in the blink of an eye. Now tennis is a different sport, so I don’t know how far I can judge it – but I think seven or eight minutes is unimaginably long for a poo.

And I am not alone. Murray and Mannarino also did not believe that Tsitsipas actually had to go to the toilet. They were furious. He took them out of his concentration. And being away for so long made even the tennis players quite cold. But it is allowed. You can go to the bathroom during the tennis match. And it doesn’t say anywhere for how long.

Maybe Tsitsipas just wants peace of mind—which, as a mother of two young children, I understand all too well. What a good moment the toilet is for you. Maybe he wants to check out his institutions or like a tweet – a wonderful pastime on the toilet. But it is more logical to think that Tsitsipas is texting in the toilet. with your coach. Her father. Or who can drag him out of his slumber.

Meanwhile, Greece was kicked out of the US Open and he himself became angry. All the doubts and speculations surrounding her toilet visit haunted her anyway. He said that in that toilet he did not do anything inappropriate there. He didn’t call anyone. And the message was not even. For some, the trip to the toilet takes too long.

But to be honest: I don’t believe the story of Stefanos Tsitsipas. Although his name still sounds like a puddle.

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