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You stumbled upon the phrase “pillarbox” and don’t know what it has to do with television? We’ll tell you what it means and how to use it.

Here you can find out what’s behind the word “pillarbox”. (Source: Photocreo/Depositphotos.com)

That means pillar box: widescreen format with black bars on the right and left sides of the screen

The word “pillarbox” is derived from British English and means “mailbox”. In image processing and video technology, “pillarbox” is understood as a process in which the aspect ratio is adjusted. To adapt to the screen format, black bars appear on the left and right sides of the page.

The “pillarbox” effect is required when film or video that was not originally designed for widescreen is displayed on a widescreen display or when a narrow widescreen picture with a wider aspect ratio is displayed, for example. For a 16:9 image in a 2.39:1 frame (normal for movies). The original has been scaled down and placed in the center of the widescreen frame.


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Origin of Pillarbox

The name is derived from its similarity to the pillar box style mailboxes used in the UK and Commonwealth of Nations.

This is how pillarbox works on TV

Some high definition television and television channels use “stylized pillarboxing”. If the program shown is only available in 4:3 format (standard definition), you fill in the blank areas at the edges with your HD logo or other still images or moving graphics. Sometimes it is also used for the purpose of achieving a certain style effect.

The use of graphics as well as filling the entire screen with a video image instead of the usual black bars assures viewers that they are watching an HD version of a channel. This instructs widescreen TVs not to stretch the video with automatic resizing, but to display it in the correct aspect ratio.

letterbox and pillarbox

“Letterbox” and “Pillarbox” ensure that there is no disproportionate distortion of the picture. “Pillarbox” is the vertical equivalent of “letterbox” and is sometimes referred to as “reverse letterboxing”. The four-direction equivalent is called windowboxing, which occurs when programming has received both “letterbox” and “pillarbox” methods.

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abbreviations and their meanings

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