What does George P. Bush endorse Donald Trump tell us about Republican politics

“President Trump is the only thing standing between America and socialism,” said George P. Bush, Texas Black Commissioner, son of ex Florida Government Jeb Bush. Dallas Morning News said on Tuesday. He added that he will vote for Trump in November; “It is clear that the policies of the Republic are working,” Young Bush told the newspaper.
That’s great news, because it’s a Bush. And shrubs, the first family of Republican politics, are not Trump’s big fans. Jeb Bush in May 2016 he would not vote for Trump in the general elections after losing to Trump in the primary year of 2016, when the billionaire repeatedly mocked the former governor as “low energy.” And in an interview with CNN’s David Axelrod in 2019, Jeb encouraged the primary fight against Trump. “I think it’s important to have a talk about what it is to be conservative,” he said.
one The New York Times’ final report said Jeb Bush, his older brother George W. Bush was unsure whether he would support Trump in 2020, while he would not vote for Trump. (George Bush spokesperson rejected the report; “This is completely fabricated” spokesman said. “He retired from presidential politics and did not specify how to vote.”)

Regardless of who the old Bushes are planning to vote for, there is little controversy that the family that produced two of the last three Republican presidents did not fully stand out with the current residents of the White House – or vice versa.

Last month just after George W. Bush published a video calling for national unity and sacrificed in the face of ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Trump tweeted this:

“Oh goodbye, I appreciate the message of ex-President Bush, but where was he calling to put aside partisanship during the Impeachment?” @foxandfriends found nowhere in the conversation against the greatest Fraud in American history! “

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Difficult emotions are returning – for Trump has long used Bushes image as the ultimate smoker to burn his own external credentials.

Trump tweeted in 2013. “We need another Bush in our office to make Obama the 3rd term.”

As the 2016 campaign accelerated, Trump stepped up to Jeb Bush, who was briefly seen as a front runner in the early days of his race and brutally attacked the family heritage.

“The war in Iraq was a big and fat mistake” Trump said in a discussion “They lied. They said they had weapons of mass destruction. There were none.”
The Bush family responded. George Bush and his ex-first lady and mother, Barbara Bush, told CNN in 2016, “(Trump) doesn’t answer many questions on how to solve problems.” Said. “He makes some kind of face and insults.” Terrible things about women, terrible things about the army. So I don’t understand why people are for him. “

Trump, because he was Trump, never apologized for what he said first about the Jeb and Bush family. And while the Bushes were quieter than their discontent with Trump, they never really stepped back.

So why did George P. Bush say not only that he planned to vote for Trump, but he also made a media organization absolutely Trump-y – “President Trump is the only thing between America and socialism”? After all, Trump repeatedly brutalized his father in deep personal terms. And Trump retweeted (and then deleted) a tweet “#JebBush has to love Mexican Illegals because of his wife” during the campaign. (Jum Bush’s wife and George P. Bush’s mother, Columba, are of Mexican origin.)

Reply? The policy is pure and simple.

George P. Bush is currently in his state-wide office. (Yes, the Land Commissioner is a state-wide office in Texas!) One day, he pays attention to running for the governor. While not only limiting Texas governors, Gov. George Abbott will spend eight years at the office in 2022 and may have eyes He was nominated for an open presidential candidacy in 2024. There is already an ambitious Republican series ready to run and waiting to run If this happens – or Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick either retires or decides to sit in the seat of the open governor. Bush also wants both of these offices to mix.
And the simple truth that George P. knows is that there is NO way for the governor or lieutenant governor in Texas to nominate a Republican candidate as anything less than a vocal Trump supporter and voter. For all his problems with the wider voter – in Texas and nationally – Trump remains an absolutely respected figure among the Republicans of Texas, and it is hard to imagine a change between now and 2022, even if it was inadequate with the President and his second term offer this November.

At the same time, he would not only like the voters’ rebellion against George P, but he would like Trump’s chance to stick once again to the Bush family, trying to prevent him from winning George P. whether he was in the office or out of the office. high state-wide office. (If you don’t think Trump is convincing enough to do this, let me lead you to his whole life.) So George P. does all he can to protect his political future: Absolute standing lock with Trump.

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In doing so, George P. supports a man who has spent more than a year attacking his father, mother, uncle and grandfather personally in each round.

Ah, politics. Not for the weakness of the heart. Or stomach.

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