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Today, our British WhatsApp colleagues published a wish list of 14 Broadway musicals they would love to see in the UK. Remarkably, that list includes four musicals that we have already seen in the Netherlands, or that have already been announced: Anastasia, Class dance, Next to normal In the little Mermaid. Nevertheless, it has inspired us to come up with a wish list, although in our graciousness we keep it for five current musicals that have never played in the Netherlands and four revivals. We invite our readers to post their wish lists on our Facebook page.

Like our British colleagues, we would also like Dave Malloy’s work Natasha, Pierre and the great comet of 1812 in the Netherlands. The music is based on a chapter by Leo Tolstoy War and Peace (For Connoisseurs: Where Natasha has a relationship with Anatole and Pierre, who is looking for her life’s purpose) and a star with Josh Groban, both in an intimate setting off-Broadway and at the Imperial Theater on Broadway With the cast. We saw this musical on Broadway (review), but if the grand design of this production is not possible in the Netherlands, we could compromise for a more intimate performance, for example in the Het Zonhuis in Amsterdam, cabaret-style With seating.

Our next wish-production can actually only be programmed in a circus theater; Hunchback of notre dame. like the wretched Based on a novel by Victor Hugo and a nice tribute to him two years ago after a fire in the iconic cathedral. Furthermore, it is condemnable that there is no (and only) collaborative collaboration between Alan Menken and Stefan Schwartz, except for the screening of an early version 20 years ago in Berlin.

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Is unfortunately Waitress The producer has been canceled by MediaLane, but if it will still be in Dutch cinemas, with the cast as already announced, we would be very happy with it. The same applies to what was announced by the same manufacturer. Come from far.

We end our minor list Dear ivan hanson. The story about a high school student with social anxiety disorder has won six Tony Awards and while it is still expected in the cinema, Nothing Performs a Penetrating Live!

There are several titles in the revival of the category which, in our opinion, can be reordered. Production that many of us are waiting for the Phantom of the Opera. Twenty-five years after the final performance at the Circus Theater, it would be a good announcement if the reopening of theaters was celebrated with this amazing music. And how cool would it be if we could bring Selinde Shoenemaker back to the Netherlands for this?

Concern for a second revival Story of west, Which has not been seen (professionally) in the Netherlands for 25 years, in addition to two jubilee performances at the concertgebove in 2013.

We would not even call the third production a revival; Producers Only a few shows have played since the premiere, after which the curtain fell and the producer went bankrupt. Nevertheless it was a spectacular performance, to be seen throughout the Netherlands with the same cast.

Golden Oldie is from the same manufacturer Singing in the rain, Based on the film starring Jean Kelly and Debbie Reynolds in 1952. In the 1980s there was a musical performance by Mark Vision Theater Productions on Broadway, then in London, in Paris, and in the Netherlands in 1996. A new UK tour is in the pipeline and if we fail to establish a Dutch production, the UK tour may also be in Carrera for a few weeks.

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