What celebrations are planned for the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in Britain?

Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, Four Days Celebration

Beginning Thursday 2 June, the first day of the ceremony, the British saw things big with the traditional Queen’s Birthday Parade, which would bring together more than 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians, starting at Buckingham’s Palace.

The parade will descend from the mall to the Horse Guards Parade, where members of the royal family will join the movement on horseback and in cart. The Royal Air Force will conduct a flypast to close the parade, which will be watched by the Queen and members of the Royal Family from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Which Platinum Jubilee will Elizabeth II celebrate in 2022?

On Friday 3 June, a service of thanksgiving will be held in St Paul’s Cathedral in honor of the Queen’s long reign. The next day, the final day of the festivities, the Queen and several members of the Royal Family are scheduled to take part in the Epsom Downs Derby, a very popular horse race.

Ed Sheeran in concert for the Queen’s Jubilee of Elizabeth II

Sunday 5 June will mark the nostalgia of these festivities with the “Platinum Jubilee Pageant”, a parade where more than 5,000 people are expected from across the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. The parade will begin with the sound of Westminster Abbey bells and will travel three kilometers to Buckingham Palace.

At the end of the parade, which will feature a mix of street art, theatre, music, circus and carnival, it is British singer Ed Sheeran who has been selected to give a concert at the Palace.

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Westminster Abbey’s roof opens for the first time

Those not afraid of heights will also be able to join in on an extraordinary visit: for the first time in its history Westminster Abbey is opening its roof to the public! These 90-minute tours, taking place between June and August, will provide a unique insight into the Houses of Parliament, the recently renovated Big Ben, as well as the London Eye seen from above.

VIDEO – In London, Westminster Abbey Reveals Hidden Secrets

A royal tea time at the Cafe Royal Hotel in London

Jubilee is also an opportunity to learn or rediscover the basics of British culture, starting with tea time: which is why the Cafe Royal Hotel in London is starting tea time “royal” at its Oscar Wilde saloon. In the expression list? Sandwiches inspired by the desserts from royal residences as well as Her Majesty Elizabeth II’s favorite fashion accessories.

The cherry on the cake this tea time, the hotel will also offer several courses to learn the “etiquette” of this “so British” tradition, also known as “afternoon tea” or “five o’clock tea”. Classes will be taught by William Hanson, director of The English Manor, a leading institute for etiquette and protocol.

Will the Queen attend the birth anniversary celebrations?

Her presence in London is no less uncertain if the Queen’s presence, who celebrates her 96th birthday on 21 April, is included in the festivities. “We are in contact with the Royal Family regarding the participation of all members of the Royal Family. Details will be released in due course.”The parade’s executive director, Rosanna Machado, recently told AFP.

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Due to mobility issues, Elizabeth II has retired from public life, making her appearance extremely rare since a brief hospitalization in October. Still, she attended a religious ceremony in honor of Prince Philip in late March, her first return to public after months of absence.

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