What are the Top Reasons for Divorce?

The divorce rate in the UK is estimated in the region of 42%, with more than 100,000 couples undergoing this process as recently as 2019.

However, this rate may increase in the near-term, with recent changes to the divorce law making it easier for couples to pursue an amicable and joint end to their marriage going forward.

But what remains the most popular reasons for getting divorced in the UK? Here are some issues to keep in mind:

#1. Financial Issues

Let’s start with basics: as money remains the most commonly cited reason behind divorces in the UK.

It’s often an indirect cause of marital friction and divorce, of course, as couples see their financial issues mount and become a considerable source of tension over time.

If left unchecked or unresolved, this can lead to an irretrievable breakdown of the relationship and an eventual divorce, causing more financial stress and considerable emotional pain in the process.

Of course, this is also an issue that has become increasingly commonplace in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, as people have lost their jobs or seen their income streams diminished.

#2. Infidelity

And now for the thorny issue of infidelity, which is a completely different issue and one that can completely eradicate the trust and special bond that may exist between two partners.

In the case where one partner cheats on another, this may also create an innate sense of anger and conflict in the relationship, which in turn translates into a less amicable divorce that requires more careful mediation.

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This can increase both the financial and psychological cost of divorce, which can also impact on children and the wider family unit.

This remains a huge driver of divorces in the UK, while it’s also one of the thorniest and most challenging factors along with domestic abuse.

#3. A Lack of Communication

While financial issues and infidelity remain tangible factors behind divorce, there are other, intangible considerations that are also highly influential.

Take a fundamental lack of communication, for example, which not only leads to the breakdown of relationships but can also contribute to the aforementioned issues of poor financial management and infidelity.

Sometimes, a lack of communication may be easily resolved, especially in instances where both parties are engaged and simply distracted by the travails of their everyday lives. However, poor communication can sometimes be the result of apathy or a lack of commitment on the part of one or both partners, and in this instance, the issue is much harder to resolve.

Interestingly, the only way to resolve the issue is through proactive and positive communication, and this can take time, effort and no little mediation over an extended period of time.

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