What are the rules of the new Olympic game? When are the Gold Medal Games held? When is Team GB star Shauna Coxsey in action?

Sport climbing will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo as the world’s best climbers aim for gold.

The inclusion of this sport in the Tokyo Games is undoubtedly one of the most worthy.


Sport climbing set to make Olympic debut in Tokyo

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) website states that the sport is growing in popularity, with approximately 25 million people around the world regularly climbing.

It has reached a true global audience in recent years and will now be played on the biggest stage – the Olympics.

With Shauna Coxsey aiming for glory, the GB team has a real chance of winning a medal.

Climbing Games in Tokyo 2020

The event will take place at Aomi Urban Sports Park and will consist of three disciplines: speed climbing, bouldering and lead climbing.

In speed climbing, two athletes tie themselves to ropes and compete on a fixed route to the top of a 15 meter high wall.


Shauna Coxsey is Team GB’s sole representative in climbing sport.

As a boulder, climbers climb as many fixed routes as possible on a four-meter wall in four minutes – without safety ropes.

In lead climbing, athletes try to climb a 15 meter high wall as high as possible in 6 minutes and if two people reach the same height, the one who does it the fastest wins.

Each athlete would compete in all three disciplines, meaning only two gold medals could be achieved.

Scores will be calculated by multiplying each competitor’s ranking in the three disciplines and the climber with the lowest overall score wins.

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Sport Climbing: Program

Hourly BST

Tuesday August 3 a

09h00-14h40 men’s combined qualification – speed 09h00-14h40 men’s combined qualification – bouldering 09h00-14h40 men’s combined qualification – in the lead

Wednesday 4 August

09:00-14:40 Women’s Combined Qualification – Sprint 09:00-14:40 Women’s Combined Qualification – Block 09:00-14:40 Women’s Combined Qualification – Lead

Thursday August 5th

09:00-14: 40 Men’s Combined Final – Sprint 09:00-14: 40 Men’s Combined Final – Bouldering 09:00-14: 40 Men’s Combined Final – Leader

Friday 6 August

09:00-14:40 Women’s Combined Finals – Sprint09:00-14:40 Women’s Combined Finals – Bouldering09:00-14:40 Women’s Combined Finals – Leading

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Shauna Coxsey is Team GB’s sole representative in climbing sport.

He qualified for Tokyo at the 2019 World Championships by winning bronze in both bouldering and combined.

The 28-tears athlete from Cheshire is already the UK’s most successful competitive climber.

She won two World Cup titles and several other top medals.

Coxsey’s main strength is in the block, but he has improved all his game in preparation for the Games in recent years.

It was a great start to Tokyo 2020 for the GB team


It was a great start to Tokyo 2020 for the GB team

After qualifying for the Olympics, Coxsey said, “I’m on the plane! I’m currently on my way to the Olympic Games in Tokyo where sport climbing will make its Olympic debut.

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“Everything is starting to feel. It’s a memorable moment for our sport. It’s a real privilege to be on my way to Tokyo and play a small role.

“Looking back at my time as a competitive climber, I have a tremendous sense of gratitude. I could never have dreamed that I am where I am, having achieved what I have.

“Many thanks to all of you who sent me kind messages and supported me! It means the world! You are all really amazing!

Sport Climbing: Where Can I See It?

The BBC broadcasts the Tokyo Olympics in the UK so fans can watch Coxsey & Co for free on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Eurosport holds the main rights to Europe and a stream can be viewed through their channels with a paid subscription.

talkSPORT will have regular updates from Tokyo throughout the Games while talkSPORT.com will also bring you all the action and feedback from Japan.

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