What are the new level system rules after the Covid lockdown is over?

Level 1 / Medium level

What has changed?

Mr Johnson said people should continue to work from home wherever possible.

There will be some relaxation in the curfew system. Previously at pubs of this level, customers had to leave by 10 p.m. Under the new rules, final orders will be called at 10pm, allowing people to finish their food and drink by 11pm.

Hospitality businesses serving food and beverages should be closed from 11pm to 5pm (hospitality spaces at airports, ports, transport services and motorway services are exempt).

The same applies to casinos, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, museums, bowling alleys, amusement parks, funfires, theme parks, adventure parks and activities and bingo halls until 11pm. The movie, theater and concert halls may be open before 11pm so you can finish performances that started before 10pm.

Additionally, visitors will be allowed to resume in Tier 1, both indoors and outdoors, with a limited number of sports venues and social distances.

The public will be allowed to participate in performances and shows in theaters and other entertainment venues, both inside and outside the home, even within limited capacity.

The limit for sports and events will be 4,000 people or 50 percent of the general capacity outside. Inside the house, the limit will be 1000 people

Returning to ‘Rules of Six’ Tier 1, up to six members of different families will be allowed to mix both indoors and outdoors.

Does it stay the same?

  • All businesses and venues can operate in a covid-protected manner, except for those that are closed by law, such as nightclubs and adult entertainment venues.
  • Schools, universities and places of worship are open. For the foreseeable future, groups participating in religious services will follow the rule of six – large families are expected to be exempted.
  • Weddings and funerals may proceed with restrictions on the number of attendees (15 and 30, respectively).
  • Can continue outdoor sports, physical activity and exercise classes such as golf and tennis
  • Organized indoor sports and practice classes can continue, conditionally
  • (Exceptions for internal disability sports, sports for educational purposes, and supervised sports and physical activity for children under 18 years of age may be combined into larger groups)
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Level 1 Lockdown Rule: What You Can and Can’t Do in ‘Moderate Risk’ Warning Areas

Level 2 / High level lockdown

What has changed?

The one-hour extension of the pub curfew also applies to pubs at this level, with the last order leaving at 10pm and the painters leaving at 11pm.

Food and beverage outlets for hospitality business and for off-premises use may continue to operate after 10pm unless it is through a delivery service, click-and-collect or drive-through.

Spectator sports in Tier 2 will be allowed to resume both indoors and outdoors, but only in limited numbers and in social distances.

Outsiders, 2,000 people or 50 percent of the general capacity will be allowed to join Tier 2. Inside the house, the limit is one thousand people.

However, some restrictions are being imposed on hospitality in this section. Now, alcohol can only be served in pubs and restaurants that provide adequate food that cannot be served with ‘wet pubs’ and bars. Even then, only people from the same family will be able to see and it will only be table service.

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