What are the modalities for passing the vaccination?

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07:10, January 22, 2022

As per the plan, the vaccine pass will be effective from Monday, January 24. From this date, all French people over the age of 16 must show proof of a completed vaccination program to access places that welcome the public.

Following the approval of the Constitutional Council, it is now certain: the vaccine pass will go into effect on January 24, as announced by Prime Minister Jean Casteux during a press conference. Europe 1 reviews the terms of this new government tool.

Three doses for those over 16

Starting Monday, to activate their vaccination pass, those over the age of 16 will have to provide proof of a complete vaccination schedule, i.e. 3 doses or a certificate of recovery in case of contamination in the past six months. So non-vaccinated people will no longer be able to go to restaurants, cinemas, museums, but will also be able to take interstate transport with a simple negative test.

On the other hand, proof of non-contamination will suffice to go to all health establishments. For political meetings, this is one of the exceptions to the tool, participants will not be asked ’til. In addition, in restaurants, cafes, places of culture, in case of serious doubt about the authenticity of the pass, identity checks may be carried out…

One pass from the first vaccination

Finally, to encourage those who haven’t been vaccinated, all those who get their first injection before February 15 will receive their vaccination pass immediately. Two conditions, however: have a second injection within a month and present a negative test within 24 hours so as to in the meantime be able to reach various nearby sites.

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