What are the conditions for traveling to the UK?

Terms of leaving British territory …

As the health situation in the UK improves, Britons should once again be able to travel for tourism reasons from 17 May. Restrictions on return to UK soil will depend on the state of health in the destination country.

Upon return from a country classified as green, quarantine will not be mandatory, but for countries classified as orange and red, quarantine must be observed at their home, or in a hotel identified by the government. In all cases, a test must be performed upon departure and arrival.

…and to enter

Travel from France to the United Kingdom is subject to a number of restrictions as part of the fight against the spread of the pandemic.

Currently, it is possible to enter British territory without a compelling reason. All passengers will have to submit a negative PCR test when entering the area and respect the ten-day quarantine.

Apart from this, two more tests should be done on the second and eighth day of isolation.

Pandemic restrictions vary by nation

Depending on the destination in the United Kingdom, the terms of access may vary. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland actually have specific access restrictions, which must be consulted prior to departure.

In Scotland, the ten-day quarantine must therefore be carried out at an identified hotel, near an airport, which is not the case in England. This period of isolation in the hotel is £1,750 for a passenger.

Brexit: Changes for French travelers

From January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom has officially left the European Union. So Brexit is in effect, but British territory remains accessible without a visa, for a maximum period of six months, for a tourist stay, to honor a professional meeting, or to visit relatives.

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Till then, no duration conditions were fixed for travelers, but now visas are mandatory for stays longer than six months.

Another major change for passengers pertains to the use of identity cards. To cross the border, a French ID card can be presented until September 30, 2021. After this date, only one passport will allow entry into the area.

In addition, the new restrictions apply to travelers who wish to bring back perishable goods, alcohol and tobacco from their stay.

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