What are foreign tourists planning to spend in France this summer

For an average stay of ten days, Americans expect the total bill to be closer to 7650 euros. Three times more than Germans who do not have a round-trip transatlantic flight to finance.

It is a very promising summer for tourism professionals in France. Even though the Chinese are still missing, the foreigners are clearly back and they do not intend to deprive themselves. According to a study conducted by the GfK Institute for Visa Cards, the amount foreign tourists plan to spend in France this summer is more than enough: an average of about 7,650 euros (flight included) for Americans, for Germans. 2,321 euros, 1740 euros for the British and 1633 euros for the Belgians. All for an average duration of stay of about ten days.

Expenses that are distributed as follows: almost half (48%) for travel and accommodation. 16% for restaurants and almost as much for shopping (ready-to-wear, luxury goods, souvenirs) and 8% for visiting museums and historic buildings. This is followed by the requisite expenses in bars and/or nightclubs and the purchase of tickets for sporting or cultural events.

Marseille right in front of Disneyland

Another lesson from this study is that foreign tourists come to visit Paris, but not only that. When asked if other destinations are on their schedules and if so, which ones, Marseille comes first (cited by 28% of respondents) this year (27%), Nice (26%) and Versailles (22%) both ahead of. ,

Bordeaux (20%) is not even in the top 5. The capital of New Aquitaine has overtaken Lyon (22%). Furthermore, for getting from one destination to another, foreign tourists have a preference for a train that is far ahead of the plane (38% versus 12% of responses).

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The contribution of foreign tourists to GDP was halved in 2020

Be that as it may, these expenses augurs well for the summer tourist season. But probably not the record for the whole year. There is absolutely no denying that a new form of COVID may once again halt tourism activities, at least partially. In addition, a portion of Asian tourists are still missing.

But we can again expect to get closer to the 2019 figures. A year before the global COVID pandemic, 64 billion euros were spent by foreign tourists in France. Whereas according to the data published by INSEE last February, we fell to 33 billion the following year.

,Online interviews in May with travelers planning to visit France in 2022, starting with the United States (810), the United Kingdom (811), Germany (806) and Belgium (811) – based on a questionnaire of 3238 35 questions .

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