‘What an acorn’: A member of the royal family stuns Prince Harry during jubilee!

Exiled to California since their shattered departure from the United Kingdom in 2019, the couple were able to present the youngest of the family, Lilibet, to Queen Elizabeth II. But other than that moment it didn’t feel like much fun to be reunited with the family! If Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton hadn’t spoken to him, it’s a cousin from the wedding that would have really let go: off, while he was talking to the other guest, Mike Tindall would have insulted Harry”glans“, according to the British newspaper Mirror,

Married to Zara Phillips since 2011, the former rugby player has become a pillar of the royal family, always present at major events… but not really known for keeping his tongue in his pocket. As the head of the podcast, he regularly recounts major events in his life, such as the moment he intervened during a jubilee concert to placate Prince Louis. However, it is rare when it comes to insults!

However, it seems that the 43-year-old player is very angry with the youngest son of Prince Charles, and they did not hide it only during the event they spent together: when they left the collective. Accompanied by his wife, Prince Harry walked up to her, but was ignored by Mike Tindall, who quickly left.

So what’s the deal between them? Could it just be the closeness that binds Tindall to Prince William and his wife? Or accusations of racism from Meghan Markle, who started rumors about Mike Tindall’s mother-in-law Princess Anne? In any case, the current between the two is not ready to be restored.

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However, Zara Phillips has definitely made efforts to make sure everything goes well: the 41-year-old former rider may have taken her three children to a garden party given for Little Lillibet’s birthday … of Cambridge. Unlike the kids, who were typical. by his absence.

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