West Virginia police show police vehicle amid calls for demilitarization

According to reports, a small police force in West Virginia launched its new mine-resistant vehicle – among calls to demilitarize local law enforcement agencies across the country.

Moundsville Police Department showed MRAP on Thursday, a military vehicle designed to protect soldiers from roadside IEDs, and told local journalists that power could use it for “various things” and stop a 50-cal tour. According to Intelligencer.

The power of the 19 police took the tactical truck through the government’s 1033 program, which allowed local departments to take military surplus goods for free, only paying for transportation and necessary repairs.

Police chief Tom Mitchell, WTOV9 said The department also received other equipment through the program, such as the rifle and Humvee.

The tweet of the reporter who mocked the segment on Thursday has gone viral since – with a series of sneaky answers.

“Are there a lot of mines, IEDs and armed insurgents in Moundsville?” someone wrote.

“Fun fact: Moundsville is located in West Virginia, not in Syria. Its estimated population is about 8,500. ” someone else wrote.

It looks like WTOV9 downloaded the story from their site. The link was still archived on Google under the heading “Moundsville Police Department fleet has a new extension”.

Calls for demilitarization of the local police have increased in recent weeks during George Floyd’s protests.

The movement began in Ferguson in 2014 after Michael Brown was shot dead, and the police clashed with the protesters who followed.

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