West Brom 0-1 Tottenham Live! The latest news as Ken wins, the reaction sends the touch of the Premier League to the top

Tottenham are the new Premier League leaders – for at least a few hours – after a late strike over West Brom.

Harry Kane continued Matt Doherty’s pinpoint cross with just two minutes out of 90 at The Hawthorne on Sunday.

The England captain’s 150th Premier League goal – which he sent a clear statement to Tottenham at the summit just three days after hitting a full 200 for Bulgaria in action for Spain – could be a quick defeat to Leicester or Liverpool (or both) later this afternoon.

Tottenham are now unbeaten in their last seven games in the Premier League, hoping Jose Mourinho’s side can tackle a real title challenge this season.

The already heartbroken Bagisi is still looking for their first win since promotion and has picked up just three points from the first eight matches amid fears about the future of manager Slaven Bilik.

Follow all match responses below …

Live update


Another why milestone

We can’t ignore the goal of Kane’s 150th Premier League career – and what’s important!

The second big milestone came after its 200th Spurs overall strike in Bulgaria against Ludogorets.

Kane, 2, is the first Tottenham player to reach this mark in the Premier League.

Spurs’ first move to the top since August 2014, both Leicester and Liverpool will be able to overtake them this afternoon, although fans will certainly win by an unbeaten seven-match run that has raised real hopes for the title. The challenge.



The five-minute added time was signaled to Halthorns. Can Tottenham hold on?


Goal! West Brom 0-1 Tottenham | Harry Kane 88 ‘

Touch must have won it late!

Doherty provided a bright cross from the right and, observing Kane’s ball perfectly, no one was caught on the ground with Johnston walking home.

Tottenham scored 201 goals for the English captain. Heartbreak for West Brom.


85 minutes: West Brom’s turn is now a bit too late to apply pressure, but they are unable to create another clear chance.

Returns quickly to attack …


82 min: West Brom are now inviting so much pressure because they can’t hold on.

Good for choosing Reguine Vinicius, whose low shot was brilliantly saved by Johnstone with one hand to his right.

The West Brom goalkeeper thinks he has come up with a design to save the delay but he will continue to do so.

Why the recovery can tap into the house, but he’s well offside and obviously knows it.


80 minutes: In the final 10 minutes Furlong now concedes a corner with a great challenge against Reguinon and pains himself in the process.

It was a comfortable catch for Johnston to get Alderweird’s head in the next delivery.


78 minutes: With his optimistic efforts well blocked, there is still no way for Ken.



73 min: Ajayi Low pulls Celso back and gives Tottenham a free-kick in a very dangerous position at the edge of the box.

Kane’s frustrating effort hits the wall before his follow-up effort widens.

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