Werewolf the Apocalypse – Earthblood: Video Game Test

Flood of the earth
Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Description :

“Gaa, Mother Earth, is dying. Devastated by humanity’s insatiable vivacity, the Wyrm, who succumbed to the chaos provided by a cosmic force of decay and destruction, is not operating within the Endron Company, Wyrm’s The servants are at work. With determination to bring back the corpse of maternal nature

Wyrm, a corrupt entity, is set to win the war against Gaa. Pentex, a multinational that visually follows Wyrm, controls the world through its branching dispersal network.

Once born under the full moon, Gaia’s guards baptized the “pride of Ahraun” and the proud Lycanthrop warrior of the Fianna tribe, Kahl chose exile after relinquishing his devastating fury. While searching for his missing daughter, Kahl realizes that his former tribal pack is in danger. He then decides to help his partner.

Each form has its advantages: the wolf is able to move stealthily without doubt and Kahl, in his human form, can interact with others. For Crinos, he would not hesitate to spread all his Bestial Rage and cut off the enemies’ flesh. “

Lay gameplay:

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood Is a TPS type action RPG. You follow a story by playing a character in a third-person scene, surrounded by action and intrusive scenes.

Kahl, the werewolf Fianna, born under Aharoon Dharamshala, that you play will return to his original pack, which he largely left to live as a reunion with his family. Elements of dialogue between these characters are offered according to your choice and your raga (shadow side of the werewomms, a double-pronged force and greater strength and resistance, but can provoke Francia, a state in which Wolf-Garo takes control. Cannot) own). In terms of play, your violent actions, but at the same time your challenges also increase your anger (you can also voluntarily raise it by taking a lamp from the topmost in your possession). As your share of the animal grows (and what initially earned you your voluntary banishment), relationships with others will vary.

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Social interactions, as well as content manipulation actions (computer, disconnection of cameras, sabotage, opening doors, etc.) will occur in human form (called homed), as well as attacks hidden behind the camera. Crossbow fire. It is appropriate to turn into a wolf (lupus form), to sneak, or to sprint. You will be able to switch from one form to another immediately.

During battle scenes, multiple combinations of strikes will be available in Crinos form (giant werewolf form) (in the air, opponent’s grab, dodge …), and will vary according to chosen posture. (Fast or powerful).

As the adventure progresses, you will have the opportunity to free the spirits from certain elements (stones, plants …), giving you experience that your skills can be spent to release powers into the tree.

Therefore, you will try to capture werewolf forms alternately from place to place, sneaking between enemies and camera, without getting caught, and otherwise you will automatically turn into Crinos to manage different waves of enemies. And you will be sent to kill.

Decision :

The game provides basic conditions largely due to your status as a werewolf. Pnumbra Vision (which allows you to look into the Umbra through walls to explore enemies, spirits, and power grids), instantaneous changes and their use, life in the cairn (the place near Gaa, the soul of a foster tree Protected by) your pack’s shelter) is a good example.

You’ll also be able to discover the very rich backgrounds of role-playing games (and therefore demonstrations of video games), and thanks to the dialogues and notes found there. The prosperity of the werewolf (away from the usual iconography of a bloodpiped animal without a goal), is a real pleasure, as well as for those who discover it who discover all the elements of the game.

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However, we may regret that we may not have initially chosen our own race of werewolf, which may have resulted in a different skill tree for example.

We will console ourselves in the story, classic but effective and in the mood.

The main drawback of the game remains its combat season at Crinos. For the first time, they constitute a pleasing and engaging interval, but quickly, these moments are painful due to recurrence, and major problems of placement of cameras. You can’t see your enemies, and despite the wide array of hits available, it’s all a mess without a name. So these sessions are quickly punished, ignoring your failure.

technical sheet

studio: Cyanide studio
Style: Action rpg
number of players: Have 1

Text in French, sound In English
Release Date: 04 February 2021

Platform: PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox One / Xbox series
Main version: PS4

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