Welsh Sports Insider: Record-breaking Viewership for NCAA Women’s Sweet 16 on ESPN

Welsh Sports Insider: Record-breaking Viewership for NCAA Women’s Sweet 16 on ESPN

ESPN’s Coverage of NCAA Women’s Sweet 16 Games Breaks Records

ESPN’s coverage of the NCAA Women’s Sweet 16 games has set new records, with a staggering 2.4 million viewers tuning in across all games. The most-watched game of the Sweet 16 was the Iowa Hawkeyes vs Colorado Buffaloes matchup, which drew an impressive audience of 6.9 million viewers. This not only marked the best Sweet 16 audience ever recorded but also became the second most-watched women’s college basketball game since 1995.

Following closely behind was the UCLA vs LSU game, which attracted 3.8 million viewers, making it the second best Sweet 16 audience on record. Other top games of the tournament included UConn vs Duke and Indiana vs South Carolina, making up the Top 4 games of the event.

Overall, the 2024 NCAA Division I Women’s Championship has seen a significant increase in viewership, averaging 1.1 million viewers. This marks a 104% year-over-year increase in viewership, showcasing the growing popularity and success of women’s college basketball.

The success of ESPN’s coverage highlights the growing interest in women’s sports and the excitement surrounding the NCAA Women’s Championship. With record-breaking viewership numbers and thrilling matchups, it’s clear that women’s college basketball is gaining momentum and attracting a larger audience than ever before. Stay tuned to Insider Wales Sport for more updates on the NCAA Women’s Championship and all things women’s sports.

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