Welsh Sports Insider: iPhone sales drive relatively flat earnings expectations

Apple Inc. has faced a turbulent start to 2024, with its shares dropping by over 10% due to mounting challenges and increased competition in China. The tech giant’s iPhone sales have been dragging in the key market, leading to a decrease in its overall performance.

With Wall Street closely following the tech sector, the focus has shifted to the “Magnificent 7” tech stocks during the current earnings season. Among these, Apple holds a significant position, with investors eagerly anticipating the company’s upcoming earnings report on Thursday.

Leading industry expert Ben Bajarin, CEO and Principal Analyst of Creative Strategies, weighed in on what to expect from Apple’s earnings report. He highlighted key issues to pay attention to, including the MIC (Made in China) shift and buyers moving towards the high-end market.

All eyes are on Apple’s iPhone, with market analysts speculating on the expectations for the current cycle. As the tech giant navigates through challenges in China and increased competition, the performance of its flagship product will be crucial for its future growth.

For more expert insights and the latest market action, viewers can watch the full episode of Market Domination by following the provided link. Stay tuned to Insider Wales Sport for all the latest updates on Apple Inc. and the tech industry.

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