Welcome to Europe for Moroccan Vaccine Pass Holders except Morocco!

Everyone vaccinated in Morocco with Moroccan taxpayer money is welcome to the Schengen area. Except the damn taxpayer himself!

After all, it was the mountain that gave birth to the mouse! Since May 2021, more and more meetings have taken place at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior in Rabat of the Joint Committee of the Moroccan-European Commission, composed mainly of the Departments of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and the Moroccan side. The announcement of the results of this cooperation fell on 15 September 2021, dealing with the reciprocity and mutual recognition of vaccination certificates or Moroccan and European vaccination passes, whether living abroad, internally and from health.

And what an announcement! Published in the official journal of the European Union on 15 September 2021, the European Commission has decided to recognize the vaccination pass issued in Morocco, which authorizes beneficiaries of Moroccan vaccination campaigns to transmit without restrictions in Europe . Small detail of extreme importance: Only European citizens vaccinated in Morocco and citizens of various countries vaccinated in Morocco and legally residing in Europe are concerned.

Everyone vaccinated in Morocco with Moroccan taxpayer money is welcome to the Schengen area. Except the damn taxpayer himself! The ad spread like wildfire on social networks. Many media have misled Moroccan citizens. The information provided, without specifying the profile of the beneficiaries of this “European laissez-faire”, suggested that Moroccans living in Morocco would also benefit from it. This is wrong. The height is the silence of the Ministry of External Affairs or Internal Affairs. We mobilize our officials from internal, foreign affairs and public health for months to achieve the interactivity of vaccinations and health passes for the benefit of citizens of the Union and third countries. And we are pleased! So what? Parbleu, what about the dignity of the Moroccan people who have joined the vaccination campaign to protect themselves and themselves? Then, when we cut to the same declaration, we see that the European Commission hides behind the sovereignty of each country in the Union.

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France does not accept people with the Sinopharm vaccine at a time when Spain shows no opposition while retaining the right to impose other sanctions. What about our sovereignty? Why is the principle of reciprocity not applied? Why do we allow Europeans to enter Moroccan territory with vaccines other than those validated by our health authorities?

The worst, very disgraceful, is that the decision of the European Commission, which we try to relay as the consecration of national health policy, does not affect the entry rules imposed by each European country.

Simply put, the European Commission recognizes the Sinopharm Vaccine Pass but France, for example, does not recognize it. If we have to negotiate with every European country, why did we cooperate to establish the interoperability of Vaccine Pass? Trash!

And not the slightest official response from the Department of Foreign Affairs. If only to placate the ardor of a Moroccan fringe who has not yet swallowed this pill of European humiliation and has been presented as a great achievement!

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