Weird West: Announced Day One on Xbox Game Pass, Has Already Been Postponed! , Xbox one

Strange West was announced during the Game Awards 2019 and is the brainchild of two former French developers from Arcane Studios (pre, Dishonored). After creating their own development studio, Wolfeye Studios, Rafael Colantonio and Julian Robbie embarked on a new adventure to bring the player a revamped version of the Wild West. Their first joint project, although almost ready to go out, has just been postponed.

03/31/2022 Xbox Game Pass in!

The past few weeks have been intense for French developers: after being Announcement
Provision first day The Xbox Game Pass of his project, Strange West, slightly postponed its release until March 31, 2022. Initially slated for release in January, the developers explained that beta testers’ reaction to their “Baby” was positive. However, the game will need some adjustments before it can be released to the general public.

As a reminder, Strange West is defined as an action-RPG type game and will consist of five characters with crossed fates. The latter will be able to interact with the elements of the decor in such a way that the developers speak of “immersive simulation”. Characters may die permanently in the game and each action will result in the rest of the narration, and which will be impossible to reverse.

Weird West is intentionally inspired by the literary genre of the same name: it mixes far west From horror to science-fiction traditional for a more whimsical twist. As a reminder, Weird West PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Will be available on March 31st on S and PC, and will be upon release in Xbox Game Pass.

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