Weekend round-up: Portugal, electric bikes and made in the Venetian atmosphere

Weekend round-up: Portugal, electric bikes and made in the Venetian atmosphere

Chemistry is a fun thing, and so is the search for extraterrestrial life. These are actually two great things that go great together. The foremost view of the identification of life in other worlds is the detection of chemical biological markers – the presence of chemicals, or fluctuations in chemical levels, or both, which have no explanation other than the metabolic process of alien life. The problem is that different chemicals can be produced by different processes. Some of the living organisms have metabolic pathways, but none of them and which are far from easy (for example, seasonal fluctuations in the season) amount of methane in the atmosphere, but the cause of microbial life is no definite evidence point. Have found evidence of a chemical compound called. Venus is one of the most hospitable of the planets – the surface temperature is hot enough to melt lead; The atmospheric pressure at the surface is 90 times that of the Earth’s surface, and it rains sulfuric acid (the Venetian atmosphere is almost pure carbon dioxide, and its greenhouse effect has turned Venus into today’s hell). But in the upper layers of the clouds things become more moderate which permanently disperse the Venetian atmosphere and it is possible – only possible – that life found a step there, with phosphine as its signature. Phosphine is produced almost exclusively on earth by anaerobic bacteria. If life floats on the shameless surface of Venus, the presence of phosphine may be the first glimpse of its existence, even if precise evidence is many years away.

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– Jack Foster, Editor-in-Chief

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