Wednesday, 23 September Coronavirus infection rates, cases and deaths for all parts of Wales

Wednesday, 23 September Coronavirus infection rates, cases and deaths for all parts of Wales

Wales has seen a huge jump in the number of coronaviruses as well as two new deaths in the last 24 hours.

Figures from Public Health Wales (PhW) show that 389 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded on Wednesday, September 23rd – a significant increase from Tuesday’s 281.

This is the highest number of cases recorded in a single day since April 9, when the epidemic peaked at 391.

However, it must be noted that significantly more tests are being taken now than in April, with 9,610 test results released today, compared to 902 on April 9.

The three local authorities have now recorded more than 100 cases per 100,000 population in the last seven days, including Ronda Sinon Taf (123.5), Meredith Tedfill (137.6) and Bleuna Gowant (136).

Here are the key details from Wednesday:

  • News of death today: 2
  • Cases reported today: 389 (up from 281 on Tuesday)
  • Number of new tests: 9,610 (down from 9,780 on Tuesday)
  • Total deaths in Wales with lab-confirmed coronavirus: 1,605

The highest number of new cases so far in the case of Rhonda Sinon Taff (RCT) is 933, followed by Blaina Gowant 447, Swansea 37, Cardiff 35 and Bridges 29.

Newport and Martha Tidfield had 24 each, Carmarthenshire 19, Kerfili 116, Glamorgan’s Valle 10, Turfen nine, Denbighshire eight, English, Flinshire and Conway five, Kneth Port Talbok four, Roxem four. Power had two and Manmothsur had one.

Seridizion was the only local authority that could not record any new positive cases.

Carmathenshire cases for the Larnley region are being considered a city-level lockdown as they are concentrated there.

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These are the maximum seven-day rolling total areas in the new case. All statistics reported as adaptation cases for the population (per 100,000 people):

Anurin Bevan University Health Board

Kerfili: 37.6 (below)

Newport: 49.1 (above)

Blaena Gaunt: 136 (above)

Breaking: 20.2 (above)

Monmouthshire: 10.6 (unchanged)

Betsy Cadwalder University Health Board

Conve: 21.3 (above)

Denbighshire: 27.2 (above)

Flinshire: 19.2 (down)

Anglesey: 24.3 (above)

Rexham: 5.9 (unchanged)

Guined: 5..6 (below)

Cardiff and Valley University Health Board

Cardiff: 33 (above)

Glamorgan Valley: 26.2 (above)

CWM Taf Glamorgan University Health Board

Merthyr Tydfil: 137.6 (above)

Rhonda Sinon Taf: 123.5 (above)

Bridge: 72.1 (above)

Hael DDA University Health Board

Carmarthenshire: 40.8 (above)

Pembrokeshire: 6.4 (above)

Sardigion: 4.1 (unchanged)

Powers Teaching Health Board

Capacity: 3 (below)

Swansea Bay University Health Board

Swansea: 36.8 (above)

Neat Port Talbot: 11.9 (unchanged)

Wales Overall: 38.9 (above)

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From 6pm on Tuesday, Newport, Bridgand, Marthir and Blaena Gowant were subjected to the same local lockdown bans as RCT and Kerfili.

Restrictions mean:

  • People will not be allowed to enter or leave with reasonable excuses such as travel for work or education;
  • For now, people will only be able to meet outside. People will not be able to meet extended family members or form extended families inside the home;
  • All licensed premises must close at 11 p.m.
  • Everyone over the age of 11 must wear a face mask in a public place inside – as is the case across Wales.

Similarly, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford announced new Wales-wide sanctions on Tuesday evening.

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These include:

  • Pubs, cafes, restaurants and casinos (and any other hospitality business) must close at 10 p.m. They only need to provide table services. This applies from Thursday to 6 p.m.
  • Off-licenses, including supermarkets, will also have to stop selling alcohol at 10pm
  • 500 500 will be provided to help low-income people in need of self-separation, and regulations will be tightened to ensure that employers support them in need of self-separation.
  • The first minister told people to travel only when you need to, he said: “The fewer people we meet and the less we travel, we are all safe.” But other than the areas already stuck in Wales Is Subject to specific restrictions on travel, this is not currently a set rule that applies throughout Wales and is further guidance.

Dr Giri Shankar, director of the coronavirus outbreak in the novel Public Health Wells, said: “Public Health Wells welcomes the new national management package from the evening of Thursday, September 24th.

“This restriction means pubs, restaurants and other licensed premises must close at 10pm and only provide table services. Closed licenses, including supermarkets and other retail outlets, must stop selling alcohol at 10 p.m.

The “rule of six” means that only six people from the same extended family can meet inside the house.

“In addition, the Welsh Government has announced strong regulations and support for employees and employers required for self-separation.

“Council territories in areas where local restrictions have been imposed (Kerfili County, Rondda Sinon Taf, Merithier Tidfill, Bridget, Blaena Gowant and Newport) must follow these rules. Details of these rules can be found on the Welsh Government website.

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“We see a steady increase in the number of communities across Wales and our investigations have shown that many of these were transmitted due to a lack of social distance.

“The advisory areas of Cardiff, Swansea, Glamorgan, Van, Carmarthenshire, English, Conway, Denbighshire and Flinshire are areas of concern for us and we are watching the data from there carefully, but the number of cases is increasing everywhere so Wales is nowhere to be found.

“We are also seeing an increase in the number of people who are seriously ill and hospitalized in Kovid-19.

“We are concerned that most of the good work done over the last few months is at risk of being wasted. If the situation continues to deteriorate further, we may find ourselves at the same level of infection that we experienced in March and April earlier this year; And with that comes the possibility of imposing more extended restrictions nationally.

“The coronavirus did not go away. Everyone has a responsibility to help prevent the spread of the virus to protect elderly and vulnerable family members and friends. They should do this in isolation when they are told to stay two hundred meters away from others and wash their hands regularly.

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