Weather Forecast: Are We Reaching Record Temperatures By Year’s End?

Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) is issuing two yellow alerts today. The first concern since heavy rain is expected is rain. Tuesday afternoon will be cloudy and rain, which may intensify locally. This alert will last till 10 pm tomorrow. It mainly concerns 1/4 of the province of Lige where more than 25 liters of water per square meter is expected in 24 hours. It will mainly be Rahat and the south-eastern half of the province.

The second Yellow Alert pertains to wind that will increase in intensity between 70 and 80 km/h from southwest to west or 90 km/h along the coast. The thermometer will oscillate between 7 and 11 degrees. This alert is valid from 10 am today and will last till midnight tomorrow. Number 1722 is active. In case of water scarcity, the fire brigade can be called on this number.

very mild temperature

The end of the year is also marked by very high temperatures. ,We will feel them here especially after the passage of the warm front tomorrow. These are very mild temperatures that come from Spain from the tropical south wind of the Atlantic.“, explains RTL weather presenter Stephan van Bellingen.

Is this a record? ,On 28 December 1955, Uccle was raised by 13.3 degrees. We’re forecasting 11 degrees this afternoon so we may be a little off this record but it’s still an incredible temperature. Seasonal temperatures should normally not exceed 6 degrees. Minima are also exceptionally soft. Normally, we rotate about 1.2 or 2 degrees. However, tomorrow night, we expect 9 (Hautes Fagnes) to 13 degree (Uccle) minimums tomorrow night.“, the weather presenter continues.

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Friday seems like the day we might have a record. We have announced a forecast between 10, 14 or 15 degrees for this December 31st. The last temperature record was set in 2017. It was 13.8 degrees.

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