Weather Alert: Rain-flood and snow in the mountains

by PASCAL SCAVINER, Meteorologist

Rain, flood and snow warning

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Tuesday December 29 from 6:00 pm to Saturday January 2 from 6:00 pm.


The low pressure system baptized “Bella” as there is now a trend towards the North Sea this weekend. Bad weather is losing intensity, but the parade of disturbances that descend from the North Atlantic continues over France. In this context, regular rainfall produces additional rainfall accumulation in the southwest of France. This situation, which will last until the end of the week, will cause the rivers to react in a more general way by increasing flood levels at present. Snow continues to fall at an altitude of 800 m over the western Pirenis and Massif-Central, but is less intense since Monday.


An 18h, The turbulence is slowly moving between the south and central massifs of Aquitaine with still moderate intensity locally. The most marked rainfall occurs between the Dax, Mont-de-Marson and the Tarbes.

For 48 hoursThe land receives an average of 82 mm of rainfall with a maximum of 120 mm in begar and 113 mm in dex, which corresponds 1 month rain. In the Peranes-Atlantic, the accumulation is low, with an average of 38 mm east of the Bayon and a maximum of 96 mm in the Bidche.


Tuesday through Wednesday nightConsiderably less rainfall will continue regularly with a cumulative volume of 15 mm along the coast south of Aquitaine, 15 mm near the coast and 5 mm in the direction of Gers. On Massif Central, snowfall at an altitude of 700 meters will increase from weakening in the day before resuming at night.

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in the morning, It rains especially in the direction of the Pyrenean foothills where we expect 10 to 15 mm in 6 hours. In the mountains, regular and sometimes heavy snowfall occurs from a height of 800 meters.
afternoon, Precipitation weakens in the mountains and foothills, but increases to 6 mm on the coast again with an accumulation of 15 mm.
in the eveningThe rains on the Landes and Pyrénées-Atlantiques are clearly weakening. This is a lullaby.

The new regular hunt, after a respite by morning, will affect the south of Aquitaine in connection with the arrival of a new disturbance in the bay by Baixay. They will be moderate to weak, but quite persistent.

The disturbance of one day before would be drawn south of Aquitaine in the morning and before the arrival of another. In this context, the general situation will change slightly. By blocking the impact towards the Pyrenees, precipitation will continue.

In the next 72 hours, we expect:
– There is fairly regular daily rainfall south of Aquitaine, with locally significant accumulations of up to 100–120 mm on the coast of the land and on the Basque coast. Inland, the accumulation will move from 60 mm towards Gers near the coast to 35 mm. In this context, the level of rivers will only increase. The flood will be quite widespread. This month of December is already beating the cumulative rainfall record.

– Snowfall to the west of Auvergne with an additional amount of snow of 5 to 10 cm, possibly from a height of 800 meters. The same situation to the west of the Pyrenees that will experience abundant snow cover from 800 to 900 meters high by the end of the week.

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