weather. A possible major snowfall on Thursday and Friday in the Elssas field

According to meteorologists’ forecasts, there could be significant snowfall in Alska between Thursday morning 14 January and Friday afternoon.

This precipitation should be added to frost due to the drop in temperature during the night from Friday to Saturday.

‘Visible’ More than 10 cm in 24 hours The plains near Altakir, Mulhouse, Colmar or Seleslet or even Strasbourg do not seem unrealistic ”, the Office of Meteorological Studies indicates atmo-risk, in a weather report published on Tuesday afternoon.

Too many unknowns

Caution, however: “Its prognosis is for very complex times”, the specifics of the design office. According to him, Alsace will find itself caught between one of two different air masses, polar, cold and dry air from Scandinavia and another soft and humid air from the Atlantic.

Between these two air masses, there will be rain on the “soft” side, and snow on the “cold” side. So unknown was the exact location of these areas.

On this Wednesday afternoon, January 13, predictions from Mato France featured an icy episode On all Thursdays, And Haut-Rhin only on Friday.

Haute-Raine at the end of the episode?

“Various forecasting models simulate a conflict zone between the northern Alps / Jura for southern scenarios elsewhere and the Ailes – Mosele for northern scenarios. If we take an average of this Tuesday’s scenario, the rain-snow contact areas will be particularly worrying about the Hout-Rhine, “says Atmo-Risk, also recalling that a 50 or 100 km shift is quite possible, And it is not to exclude that Elses are spared altogether.

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Therefore, for meteorologists, it is difficult to be more precise at this level.

We will have to closely follow the development of the situation in the next bulletins this Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, so as not to be surprised by the possible heavy snowfall.

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