Wearing a mask in school is mandatory in Covid, UK. Israel: “Fourth dose for 4 months over 60 after booster”. France, meeting to take stock of essential services

In Europe and the rest of the world, Kovid has not given up its grip and many governments have started preparing new measures. In United Kingdom – where the Omicron version is now dominant – recorded in the last 24 hours 137,583 new cases Sars Cov 2 infections and 73 deaths, down from 162,572 infections and 154 deaths on the previous day, for a total of 13.2 million cases and about 149 thousand victims. But 1,915 people have also been hospitalized in the last 24 hours. Highest number since last February, Cases are decreasing in Germany, where a month ago a lockdown was decided without vaccination.

In British secondary schools, compulsory masking has begun, institutions, which will remain open despite the resurgence of the pandemic. Next week all schools in the UK will reopen after the Christmas break and until now England was the only country that did not require masks for students. Teachers, on the other hand, will not be able to continue to use them., This provision will remain in force till at least 26 January. Meanwhile, unions have called for immediate action to limit the spread of the virus, warning that national exams are at risk. And the government has announced that it will provide 7,000 air purification units to schools and universities.

The government has also stated that it is expanding Contingency plans in case hospitals, schools and other workplaces are affected by severe shortages, In fact, the public sector is preparing for absenteeism between 10% and 15% of employees, while the number of people who are sick or isolated is increasing. 50% of the British population received a third dose, while the country has recorded a total of more than 149,000 deaths from the virus, the second highest toll in Europe after Russia.

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In Israel, officials have warned that a These days a “storm” of infection is knocking in the country.: “We will probably see a doubling, then the number of doubling”, “there will be tens of thousands of cases every day,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said. He was echoed by Nachman Aish, Director General of the Ministry of Health, according to which the wave linked to Omicron caused Countries can achieve herd immunity: but “cost” will be “massive infection” And “it’s not what we want, we want it to result in people having multiple vaccinations.” Salman Zarka of the government task force stressed: “We have to be very cautious in light of the experience of the last two years, we have seen people recovering who have been re-infected.” Tel Aviv has given the green light to a fourth dose of a COVID vaccine for more than 60 years, 4 months after the recall, as announced by Premier Naftali Bennett during a press conference.

Meanwhile, on Monday, French Prime Minister Jean Castex will meet with ten ministers of his government to take stock of Omicron and how.Ensure continuity of essential public services“Hospitals, schools, public transport, administration, military, police stations and even companies in the energy sector” will be the sectors concerned, the source reported. In this meeting, among others, Health Minister Olivier Veran, Economy K Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Interior Gerald Darminin, Education Jean-Michel Blancar and Labor Elizabeth Bourne. Paris imposed on non-vaccinated people coming from United States of america Self isolation for 10 days under the supervision of officers. Those leaving the US would already have had a negative test and proof of vaccination more than 48 hours in advance, but the quarantine, so far, had lasted seven days without supervision. New cases of Kovid-19 in France exceed quota 200 thousand for four consecutive days, operated by Omicron, while the government pressures parliament to pass a law under which only those who are vaccinated can enter places like restaurants and cinemas.

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According to the Robert Koch Institute, German health authorities have reported 12,515 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, a 52.5% decrease compared to Saturday. Incidence in last seven days is 222.7 cases per lakh residents, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach admitted last Wednesday, however, that there are difficulties in assessing the pandemic situation due to the “inaccuracy” of the data regarding the expansion of the Omicron version in the country. However, the number of infected has decreased in recent days.

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