We have to wait until 2383 to meet extraterrestrials

In less than 20 years, man should be walking to Mars, and by the end of the century he will have set foot on at least one satellite of Jupiter or Saturn, according to a study by the Space Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a research center . from NASA.

But the most incredible thing is that in more than 350 years, around 2383, humans may be exposed to some sort of intelligent life outside our solar system.

When Reality Meets Science Fiction: Humans May Meet Other Intelligent Life Forms as early as 2383.

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This study is very serious. Ella is led by Jonathan H., scientist and group leader in the Earth Science Division of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Jiang and his team did. All his equations suggest that man can thus land on Mars in 2038 and do the same on Saturn from 2086, if he gives himself the means. It may one day, by 2254, go beyond our solar system and enter the nearest planetary system, Alpha Centauri.

As far as experiencing another form of “intelligent” life for one day, researchers believe this possibility is possible and may even fix this appointment for 2383. . Note that the point considered as the closest point to accommodate a complex life would still be around 14,000 light. Years from the Solar System!

As pollution and climate change threaten the Earth, what better way to envision an escape route to another planet…

Find out more about this study: arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/2108/2108.01730.pdf

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