“We feel in the shoes of privileged people, while the public is denied freedom”, testifies Fabian Galathia

The French rugby team will take on Italy on Saturday 6 February afternoon for the six-nation tournament. The meeting will take place behind closed doors in Rome due to Kovid-19. For the occasion, coach Fabin Galthy gave Frencinfo an exclusive interview. “We feel in privileged shoes”, car “We are very fortunate to be able to always be at work while the public is deprived of their freedom”, He believes. Even if the stadiums are empty, Fabian Galathi confirmed that the Blues had “A kind of invisible energy that increases tenfold by absence “ .

2021 tournament, stadium vacated by Kovid, position of blues, his role as coach … Listen to the full interview with Fabine Galthi

franceinfo: You will be able to participate in this Six Nations tournament 2021, do you feel privileged?

Fabian Galli: Sure, we feel as if we are privileged. We are aware that we are very fortunate to be able to always be at work when the public is deprived of freedom, especially social freedom. The stadiums are empty, but we know that they are behind their screens, behind the radio, that they read everything they can find about their France team. Therefore, we try to give them the most happiness, the most emotion, the most dreams through our action.

Is this an additional mission for this XV of France to communicate happiness?

The word mission is at the heart of the project that we have created because the French team is first and foremost to unite. It is definitely playing for us, because it is our childhood, it is sports, it is our passion and we touch on the sublime with the France team. But it is also sending back to our supporters, sending back to our teachers, sending back to our clubs, sending back to our parents, sending back to our families. Extra ordinary! And it is sending them a lot of energy, a lot of positive waves.

We have heard a lot from players about empty stadiums. Are you used to it?

The stadium is a monument and, by definition, a place of sharing, a place of exchange between actors and spectators. It is a form of osmosis of symbiosis, where everyone goes to the memorial to experience a feeling. And today we have the feeling that the stadium is empty, but actually it is full.

“We know that behind television, millions of viewers are waiting for this meeting. There is a kind of invisible energy that increases tenfold by absence, absence of another, absence of heat provided by the viewer, support.”

Fabian Guthy

to franceinfo

Absence creates a kind of void that enhances our willpower well. Zero really tells us about the society in which we live, health context and disease. This is why, for example, we took time during our first gathering to greet hospital staff in Nice. As soon as we can, we go to meet the players in our society who have a lot to do.

The 2021 tournament begins for France with a match against Italy in Rome. What performance do you expect from the French team?

We are preparing to be very competitive. Victory will be the result of our behavior.

Vijay, whatever the content?

Victory matters above all. This is the result of applying all skills in this project. And the objective is very simple, to be very competitive.

All other nations make you a favorite. How do you take this situation?

It is quiet, it is very pleasant to listen to, and it is part of the context surrounding the event. We listen to what is said, we are not particularly closed or isolated, but it is not our engine of action. The engine is our project and this is what the team will be able to deliver in Rome on Saturday. This is the content of the project. The rest we listen, but it is just part of an environment. It is in our interest because we play for ourselves, certainly, but for our supporters, our families, our clubs … We are on a mission and this mission is beyond us.

Have you changed your perspective on your players and yourself in a year?

Certainly, our goal was when we started working with employees in November 2019. We gathered in a small village and farm called Mongesty [la commune de 335 habitants dont son père Jean-Noël Galthié est le maire, dans le Lot], To return to the original. Rugby is something that is played in the city, in the suburbs, in the countryside … What we wanted to do on a symbolic level is, of course, but also in action, to re-establish the core. These roots, which are the foundations, are very strong in our project. We could see even before the first match that we had already managed to get on board, who wanted to follow us, who were ready to dream with us. I often tell players. The locker room is open, come get the jersey. It is not we who will give you, it is you who will seek you.

“Any French player can expect to enter the locker room to pick up one of the 15 France team jerseys.”

Fabian Guthy

to franceinfo

We want to sow seeds everywhere to cultivate talent, passion, the hope that can be produced through this game. Everyone has the potential to grow with this project.

You can count on a generation of talent like we have not had in the France team in a long time.

Yes, that’s what we mean …

You say irony, don’t you agree?

I completely agree. I think the talent comes to the fore in the frame and it is a manifestation of the frame talent. The strength of the project reveals the talent and the talent gives strength to the project. It works together.

I would like us to return to your position as coach. How would you define yourself?

It started with childhood, with sports, with passion. And then, after the sublime: the post of coach. This is the final stage of a path that I find incredible. A story that began at the age of six on a farm in Lot. It’s just a path and it’s like everything’s got there: at night it’s Lot Field, with my cousins, Toulouse, Colomiers, Stade French, French team, World Cup, Nelson Mandela, United Kingdom, tournament Suburb of. , Argentina, rugby school, teachers, fellow players who are still there, some people who have left, who have left us… who are, sublime and powerful.

It seemed, this way. However, it took longer than expected to get this managerial position, perhaps.

It is written when it is done. There is a little esoteric, slightly mysterious side on this path, which you just have to believe. There is no danger. Sometimes it takes time, but it is good to take time. Time, patience or even occasional detours are rich in lessons and maturity. There is something incredibly powerful and sublime all the time about what we are doing.

What do we want you for 2021?

To give happiness, to share it, to unite. Happiness will result in what we produce on the ground. enough.

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