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A new report suggests that Apple-made iPhone 5G chips could appear in iPhones as early as 2023.

Apple has been designing its own chips since the introduction of the A4 in 2010. Years have passed since the introduction of the iPhone 4, but the company continues to release new chipsets every year. Despite the success of these chips, Apple continues to rely on third-party distributors for some parts, such as the modems used to connect your smartphone to an operator network. That could change in 2023, as new reports suggest Apple will be manufacturing most of its own 5G modems that year.

The first iPhone 5G chips manufactured by Apple could arrive in 2023

Verizon’s segmented iPhone 12 slideshow tells viewers that “5G has just become a reality.” Image Source: Apple Inc.

Rumors that Apple is working on making its own custom-designed 5G modems are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been hanging around for months now. Earlier in November, Qualcomm told investors that it plans to supply just 20% of Apple’s 5G modems in 2023. Many have estimated that the remaining 80% will be supplied directly by Apple.

In a new report released on Thursday, sources told Digitimes that 2022 will be the last year that Qualcomm supplies 100% of Apple’s 5G chips for its iPhone lineup. Those same sources also claimed that Apple will start using in-house designed 5G baseband modem chips later this year. It is unclear whether the 20% is expected to reach Qualcomm, which will include entry-level iPhone devices in 2023. It’s also possible that Apple will complement Qualcomm chips in areas where its modem isn’t supported.

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How Apple plans to build different 5G modems

iphone-14-pro-rendering-backiphone-14-pro-rendering-backThe iPhone 14 Pro is presented in three different colors. Image Source : Waqar Khan

One of the key things to note with this new report is the claim that the iPhone 5G modem manufactured by Apple will not be integrated with the A-series chips that Apple currently uses. This is notable because many other manufacturers want to do the opposite.

Major Android makers are trying to integrate 5G modems directly into the SoCs (System on Chip) they use. This means fully integrating it, in the same way that they have already integrated other parts of the phone’s basic internal components into the SoC. The sources didn’t share any reason why Apple might drop the direct integration. It will be interesting to see in which direction the company moves.

Apple acquired the modem chip business from Intel in 2019, and while many believe the company has started working on its own custom-designed modems. This new report also coincides with previous reports by renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. These reports claim that the modems manufactured by Apple will be ready for launch by 2023.

Now all we can do is wait and see.

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