“We are in a very serious health crisis”, warns Martinique’s prefect

Martinique is affected by the 5th wave of the coronavirus, confirms prefect Stanislas Cazelles.

The latest figures published by the regional health agency on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 confirm new progress of the coronavirus pandemic in Martinique. This number increases between November 15 and 21, 2021. 585 new cases were identified.

5th wave is here, we have more than 100 people who are hospitalized for covid and around 600 infected in the country. The public official’s first concern is that I want to fight against the health crisis that is causing the situation we are in and that is plaguing Martinique.

Stanislas Cazelles, Prefect of Martinique

If the Martinique outbreak is not happening right now, in the weeks since, new cases of contamination are becoming more and more significant.

from 25 to 31 October : 411

November 1 to 7:413

8 to 14 November: 425

From November 15th to 21st: with an incidence rate of 585 163 (number of cases per 100,000 residents in more than 7 days), compared to 95 last week.

To slow the progress of the virus in Martinique, the prefect may take new measures. Will consider several options After consultation with the local economic and political world.

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