Waze: Is the displayed speed more reliable than the speedometer?

Google bought Waze in 2013 in an effort to better serve motorists. With over 100 million users worldwide, the platform is one of the benchmark driver assistance services. In France, it is also used by about 40% of motorists.

However, there is no shortage of competitors. We especially think of Coyote, Wikango, TomTom live or Apple Plans. In the case of Waze, many people use the app for another speedometer. Hence the question on the reliability of the latter. In fact, sometimes there are Slight difference between the speed displayed on the dashboard and the speed displayed by Waze.

Which should be given priority?

Then it is important to know which of the two represents the actual speed of the vehicle. In fact, for safety reasons, manufacturers program the dashboard’s speedometer so that it indicates a figure slightly lower than the actual value. This difference is typically around 5%.

So, if your vehicle’s speedometer reads 100 km/h, you are actually traveling at 95 km/h! Does Waze do the same? The answer to this question is unclear as many parameters determine the correctness of the data displayed by the application. Waze actually uses your smartphone’s GPS to measure speed. of your car.

It all depends on the GPS

The reliability of the speed indicated by the platform thus depends on the accuracy of the GPS of the device on which it is installed. As a reminder, GPS (English for Global Positioning System) is a system that uses satellite position To determine the location of an object. This is a very useful tool for the browser.

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Driver using Waze app. illustrative photo. Image credit: Shutterstock/Vlad Ispas

Like Google Maps, Waze uses this to calculate speed. However, the effectiveness of this system is questioned in cities with narrow streets. The same situation happens when passing through a tight turn. In addition, when accelerating, there is a latency that does not allow the speed to be read immediately.

A function to avoid fines

On the other hand, if you are driving on a freeway, that is, at a constant speed and at high speed, the speed indicated by the Waze will be more reliable. If you are one of those people who are used to driving close to the authorized speed limit, it is best to exercise some caution with such a device.

Otherwise, you risk breaking the law, especially since speed cameras consider actual speed. Otherwise, keep in mind that Google has provided a feature in its application that has been put in place to avoid fines. This makes it possible to establish a certain speed limit, which gives the possibility of receiving alerts in case of exceeding.

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