Watch SpaceX Starship’s furious new Raptor vacuum engine on fire

Watch SpaceX Starship's furious new Raptor vacuum engine on fire

This is SpaceX’s new Raptor vacuum engine burning during a test.

Amanda Kuzar / CNET Video Screenplay

SpaceX is hippo these days. Only Elon Musk’s company is not fast Develop starship prototypes and send them into the air, It is also hitting the gas in building its new Raptor vacuum engine, which is optimized for space use.

Company Tweeted some violent footage A full-time test fire of the Raptor vacuum engine at the SpaceX rocket development facility at McGregor in Texas on Thursday. ”It was an explosion.

Watch carefully and you will notice a small fire before kicking the whole engine. “” The preburners will then ignite the main chamber, ” Kasturi explained on Twitter.

Raptor engines are designed to bring the next generation of starships into orbit. But SpaceX looks good outside of Earth, and it does Eyes on the moon And finally traveled to Mars. Some powerful engines are needed to achieve these goals.

To get an idea of ​​the difference between a regular raptor and a raptor vacuum to work well at sea level, check SpaceX’s photo shows a human as a scale.

Notice the radical difference in size between the bell-shaped sections. Starships can be finished using a mix of engines.

Engine tests are some of the most spectacular moments in spacecraft development. A fiesta of fiery energy and a prelude to Earth-shaking launches are ahead for SpaceX as it sends the starship into orbit.

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