Waste at sea: Marseille’s elected officials denounce “an ecology”

After intense rain that resulted in tons of waste across the Mediterranean, elected officials at the town hall of Marseille (left) on Tuesday denounced an “ecology”, pointing to the responsibility of the metropolis in charge of sanitation.

“I am furious because yesterday it was a knife that was carried across the Mediterranean Sea which already caused great pain (…) during the press briefing before the Metropolitan Council on Tuesday.

On Monday, the equivalent of several months of rain fell on Marseille, where garbage cans piled up on the streets for a week after a garbage collectors’ strike. On Tuesday morning, the Huawei floods swept away tons of garbage and it was already raining on the beaches.

Marseille beach covered with garbage on October 5, 2021 (AFP – Nicolas Teucat)

“It is not just a question of clean roads or dirty roads, it is today the plastic waste, the aluminum waste that litters the seagrass beds of Posidonia”, lamented Mr Menchon: “Today Martín Vassal (lr of the metropolis) President, Editor’s Note) bears a serious responsibility in this environmental disaster”.

“We have a metropolitan president who came to say (to the city council) on Friday that the conflict over waste management is over”, recalled Yannick, assistant for safety and risk prevention. Ohnesian: “To rule is foreshadowing”, he insisted, noting that the waste should have been collected immediately, the season episode announced on Sunday evening.

Marseille’s elected officials demanded that the city recover its waste management capacity: “It is unacceptable that the management of the waste of France’s second largest city, the mayor of Jemenos (City of the metropolis of Aix-Marseille-Provence, editor’s note). Christine Juste, deputy in charge of the environment, said.

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Garbage collection in Marseille on October 5, 2021 (AFP - Nicolas Teucat)

Garbage collection in Marseille on October 5, 2021 (AFP – Nicolas Teucat)

Contacted by AFP, a spokesman for the metropolis assured that “there is no longer a strike notice regarding the collection agents of the metropolis”: “We were committed to rehabilitating the roads within a week, as tourism day’s collections”. and surplus at a time, and yesterday’s rain-storm episode resulted in extra work,” he said.

Several AFP journalists said no garbage had been picked up in several areas of the city since the strike began on 23 September.

Early Tuesday afternoon, Martine Vassal tweeted: “No time to waste time bragging about sterile brawls. For 48 hours, @AMPMetroole agents working relentlessly”.

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