Washington DC, 51st US State?

This is the second time the House of Representatives has approved such legislation in two years, but the State Status Bill, which has long been a target for the nation’s capital, is divided into an equally divided Senate between the two parties. Faces a strict vote.

To pass legislation into the Senate, parliamentary filming that would force most laws to pass the 60-vote barrier would have to be abolished. Nevertheless, not all 50 Democratic senators are in favor of converting the federal capital into a single state.

House Democrats have described the bill as an attempt to restore citizenship equality to the residents of the nation’s capital and to fix “historical injustice”.

The White House officially announced its support for the legislation on Tuesday, saying it would provide residents of the district with “full full-time representation in Congress.”

Republicans opposed granting DC state status, in part because it would give rise to two more Democratic senators and one Democratic House member, given the political leanings of the people in the district. President Biden won all three district election votes in last year’s election with 92 percent of the vote.

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