Wales local lockdown rules announced as ‘sharp, deep, two-week fire break’

What are the latest restrictions?

“Everyone in Wales has to sit at home, which means working from home wherever possible and the only exceptions will be critical staff and jobs where working from home is simply not possible,” Mr Dreckford told a news conference.

“All unnecessary retail, leisure, hospitality and tourism businesses will be shut down as they were during the March lockdown.”

Community centers, libraries and recycling centers will be closed and places of worship will no longer be able to hold regular services except for janaza and weddings.

“This fire break is the shortest we have to make it, but it means it has to be sharp and deep to make the impact we need to have on the virus,” he added.

After the half-term holiday, elementary schools and special schools will reopen, Mr Dreckford said.

Secondary schools will be reopened at the end of the half-term for seven-year-olds and eight-year-olds, and again for the most at-risk students.

Students will be able to take the test but others will learn from the extra for one more week, Mr Dreckford said.

“Other children taking part in the test will be able to take part, but all other students will continue their studies from home,” he said.

Universities will continue to offer both private and online classes, but students must be subject to the new rules in their university residences.

During the fire break, people will be banned from meeting people both outside and outside their homes with whom they do not live, except those who live alone.

They must stay at home except for limited purposes like exercise and work from home wherever possible.

Gatherings including Halloween and fireworks or bonfire night celebrations are prohibited.

Non-essential travel within Wales is largely prohibited due to increased border restrictions on travel to the country.

People living in areas with high levels of coronavirus in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are not allowed to travel to Wales until Friday 16 October.

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