Wales Insider Sports News: NASA and Japan collaborate to launch worlds first wooden satellite

Wales Insider Sports News: NASA and Japan collaborate to launch worlds first wooden satellite

Japan and the US are teaming up to make history by launching the world’s first wooden satellite, the LignoSat probe, into space this summer. The satellite, made of magnolia wood, has proven to be stable and resistant to cracking during experiments.

This groundbreaking mission aims to address the issue of space debris and its harmful impact on the environment. The researchers behind the wooden satellite hope to provide a biodegradable alternative to the non-biodegradable materials used in traditional satellites.

By using wood in satellites, the team hopes to prevent the creation of harmful alumina particles that can linger in the atmosphere. Studies have shown that wood can withstand the harsh conditions of space launches and orbit without sustaining significant damage.

One of the key benefits of the wooden satellite is its environmentally friendly disposal. When the satellite burns up in the atmosphere after completing its mission, it will only produce biodegradable ash, unlike traditional satellites made of aluminum.

The LignoSat probe is set to be launched on a US rocket, marking a significant collaboration between the two countries in the field of space exploration. This innovative project is expected to help protect the ozone layer and reduce the impact of space debris on our planet.

Stay tuned for updates on this groundbreaking mission as Japan and the US work together to launch the world’s first wooden satellite into space. Insider Wales Sport will continue to provide the latest news and updates on this historic event.

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