Voted Facebook/Meta Worst Company of the Year

By changing its name and unveiling its long-term vision, Facebook (now called Meta) was probably looking to redeem itself in public opinion. Unfortunately, this effort seems to have been a real failure, as Mark Zuckerberg’s company has just been voted Worst Company of the Year.

This title, he calls it Yahoo! Finance, which, like every year, nominates the best student, but also ass hat. We can not say that this is a big surprise, because the trust of the social network users is being lost.

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Yahoo! META Names Fiscal Year’s Worst Company

Like every year, Yahoo! Finance selects “Company of the Year” based on performance, but also averages people to designate the worst company of the year. And for 2021, it is Facebook / Meta that has been chosen by 1,541 readers, with the social network receiving the most votes by correspondence with 8%.

What’s especially interesting about the business formerly known as Facebook is the various reasons people don’t like it. He received 50% more votes than runner-up, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, not for a single offense, but for complaints from groups of people who may not have had more. others to blame themselves.

Cause ? The impact of business primarily on children and young people, especially with Instagram, which has been in the limelight frequently this year. However, all is not yet over as 30% of the readers feel that the firm can be successful in redeeming itself.

One interviewer said Facebook could redeem itself by acknowledging and apologizing for what it has done and donating a “large sum” of its profits to help repair its losses. While some saw the meta rebranding as a cynical attempt to change the conversation, following Don Draper’s advice in Scandal, others were excited about the potential of a new direction that could be a) interesting and b) aging. different from the social media model. A significant amount of the responses focused on executives and founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


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